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March 13, 2015

If you’ve never heard of Lisa Bonet then you should, especially anyone with an appreciation for style and making your own rules, for she embodies all that is independent, stylish, unique and very, very original.


For those of you who remember the 80s, you may have seen Lisa Bonet in The Cosby Show, which she appeared in over 7 seasons. Here, she started to demonstrate her innate knack of style with 80s fashion, wearing high-waisted jeans and patterned shirts in bold colours.

Lisa Bonet-individual,stylish and original


Lisa Bonet with ringlets


Timeless style and class

After leaving The Cosby Show, she changed her name to Lilakoi Moon to maintain her family’s privacy while raising her children with Lenny Kravitz. They divorced and she moved on to marriage with Jason Mamoa – she still acts, but she’s seldom seen on TV, at least not in the UK.


That’s a brief potted history if you weren’t aware of who she was. However, what she had and still does have, is an effortless and limitless style through the 80s, 90s and 2000s that is as relevant today as it is timeless.


If you like bohemian chic with indie sensibilities, a little hippy retro combined with 80s fashion, then Lisa Bonet style is for you.


lisa bonet 2014


Versatile combinations

Bonet was and able to combine different patterns, colours and shapes to create an utterly compelling silhouette. It’s something that’s not easy for everyone to achieve and although you can wear colour clash and wear layers successfully, some thought needs to go in to it or you’re liable to look like a fashion car crash.


We’re talking cropped tops, baggy boyfriend jeans and leotard body con tops that come slightly off the shoulder. Cardigans, long or short that come with colour, patterns and beads. They can be worn with long skirts and baggy palazzo pants.


Lisa bonet in the Cosby show


Hats and sunglasses

If you love hats then you’re going to have a ball with Bonet’s style – she loved bowler hats, trilbies and top hats and wore them with small John Lennon sunglasses and her trademark long hair – a combination of locks and her own natural curls.


Lace tops are a must, some sheer some transparent worn with baggy jeans or dungarees. In fact, dungarees are very much in for this look, and as denim is pretty bang on trend right now, you’re looking at a fresh style that pays homage to the eighties and looks contemporary at the same time.


lisa bonet dreads


Renaissance curls are held back by thick floral headbands and make up is always at a minimum, just enough to highlight natural unplucked eyebrows and clear skin.


Jewellery is anything you want, long strings of beads, nose rings, interesting necklaces with a million different motifs, colours and chunky shapes. Rings can be fun, with a variety of birth stones and again plenty of different shapes and colours.


Lisa Bonet-carefree


Style evolution

What’s interesting about Bonet is that her style has evolved rather than changed over the years. Her hair has greyed slightly, but she still wears it free and to her waist, a cascade of black locks and curls. She shaved the side of her head in a nod to current style recently, with the shaved side of her hair containing the grey wisdom of time.


Her clothes are still that heady bohemian mix of layers, length and colour, true to her own personal style and still stopping people in their tracks with her flair for putting together an eye-catching ensemble.

Lisa Bonet

Lisa Bonet – Individual stylish and original

You can do Bonet style easily and vintage is the perfect starting point for sourcing original and authentic Bonet looks. We’re taking 70s maxi skirts, 80s cropped tops and 80s and 90s baggy boyfriend jeans.


There’s a combination of different looks going on here and you can source clothes from a variety of different fashion time zones. Just take your time and enjoy.