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Dita Von Teese – Vintage Style Icon

December 1, 2015

The icon of modern vintage glamour is none other than the beautiful Dita Von Teese. This renowned lover of vintage fashion radiates elegant 50s movie star charm and is one of the most influential people in modern vintage styling today.

Dita Von Teese – Vintage Style Icon

Dita Von Teese’s career has seen her bring the golden age of Hollywood in to everyday life and her fascination of this era has developed her infamous fashion choices from a young age.

50s Glamour Girl

With a strong influence from iconic Hollywood stars of the golden age, Dita developed a style that oozed sex appeal and femininity. Her look sees elaborate seductive dresses grace the red carpet and her insatiable appetite for beautiful lingerie is evident in her burlesque routines. As a 50s glamour icon, Dita loves the opportunity to dress as her favourite styles icons such as Betty Grable, choosing graceful gowns and shimmering accessories to compliment the look. Dita’s iconic red lip and deliciously dark hair is another signature style choice adored by millions.

Vintage glamour - Dita Von Teese in Zac Posen, 2011

Dita Von Teese in Zac Posen, 2011

Burlesque Beauty

Well known for her burlesque performances, Dita is famous for sexy, elaborate dance routines and is often dubbed ‘The Queen of Burlesque’. A key vintage style element of these famous shows is the corset. Von Teese is known for having a tiny waist and is recognised as being a tight-lacer. This sees her waist shrink down to a tiny 22 inches but can also on occasion shrink to a mere 16.5 inches.

Burlesque Beauty - Selfridges, London, 2007

Burlesque Beauty – Selfridges, London, 2007

Dita Von Teese Modern Vintage Styling

Dita Von Teese absolutely adores fashion and everything it stands for, she is often seen gracing the front row at fashion shows around the world and particularly loves the quirkier designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier. This 50s style icon has herself adorned the catwalks of many designers and developed numerous ranges of clothing with leading retailers and brands including Wonderbra and cosmetic brand Art Deco.

Dita -Modern Vintage

Dita -Modern Vintage

Dita Von Teese Beauty Queen

Dita Von Teese religiously sticks to her signature movie star beauty regime boasting dewy skin, luscious red lipstick and devilish dark hair. Each element of her beauty regime is perfectly preened to compliment the overall look and each element is carefully considered for maximum effect. Dita always chooses a red nail that compliments her red lip.

Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese – Shady Secrets

What is the ideal way to hide a multitude of sins, a great pair of sunglasses of course? Dita pulls off the perfect pair of vintage sunglasses, giving her a seductive and sexy look whether she goes for all out glamour or a playful casual style.

On the red carpet of the Life Ball, 2010

On the red carpet of the Life Ball, 2010

The Ultimate Vintage Style Icon

Dita is truly the reincarnation of our favourite Hollywood glamour girls and tops the vintage icon charts every time. Her impeccable and pristine styling never falters and provides us with perfect vintage inspiration to mix with modern trends.