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Womens hats – accessories trends

December 8, 2016

There are several fashion accessories that can either make or break an outfit. A traditional or statement hat is a fashion accessory that completes your style and fabulously creates a visual impact. Musicians Pharrell Williams illustrates a perfect example of this. The infamous Vivienne Westwood Buffalo hat revived from her 80’s collections has catapulted his style and fashion savvy to a new level and created a love for fashionable statement head-wear. International fashion events have seen womens hats and accessories flourish in their own right and many on trend pieces have been showcased in designer catwalk collections. Versatile styles for autumn-winter 2016 create the perfect addition to an individual look and we have picked our top womens hats and accessories styles for the season.

Womens hats -Fur Hats

A traditional and perfect example of the winter season is the unmistakable fur hat. Styles from designers such as Rebecca Minkoff exuded volume and grandeur whilst Missoni showcased a modern twist with bright colouring on karakul style head-wear. If you are not keen on real fur examples, try luxury faux fur fabrics to create your desired on trend head-wear for the new season.

Knitted Women’s Hats/Beanies

This is the hat style that will always be popular for those chilly winter months. Before you think its just another boring beanie style, think again. Designers have given us a huge selection of fabrics, designs, looks and colours to really mix it up. Recent examples have been featured in beautiful collections from Christopher Raeburn, he keeps the look simple with subtle dark head wear to compliment style. Other designers showcased vivid knits and textured designs such as Hunter Original and Giles.

Womens hats – Caps

After the revival of 90’s inspired street style, this season sees another variation on the classic baseball cap. In addition to traditional sport or casual styles featured in AW16 collection, designers have branched out to bring us quirky alternatives. Dsquared2 featured vivacious snakeskin examples whilst collections from Samuji showcased feminine and classy pieces. Creating a statement cap is perfect way to create an on trend statement outfit.

Womens hats – Hoods

Previous seasons saw a beautiful array of hoods showcased from luxury fur examples, casual sports style looks to bright jewel encrusted pieces. Head-wear such as this gives you the opportunity to really showcase your imagination and originality. Take a look at designer KTZ who shows us how a statement hood compliments an outfit.

Womens hats – Classic hats

Iconic womens hats such as Fedoras, Boaters and Trilby styles never go out of fashion. This season traditional hat shapes were featured in several collections and were given a feminine and chic twist. Cute prints and pretty colours gave beautiful styles a new lease of life illustrated in designer Lizzie McQuade’s collection. Piers Atkinson took a leap with funky design and creative bold tones producing statement on trend headwear. Other classic style inspirations were crafted by Keely Hunter who used simple tailored looks with contrasting texture.

Statement pom poms

This cute yet on trend accessory has been sweeping the catwalks in all shapes and forms this season. From beanie hats and wrap scarves to footwear and key rings, this pretty accessory is a popular choice to add a touch of interest to an outfit. There was a range of sizes too with giant pom poms featuring on scarves by Samantha Holmes. This playful trend is perfect for winter accessories and womens hats, giving them an interesting twist.

Colour block scarves

With the winter now upon us, we sometimes forget to add a little colour into our wardrobes. This season our accessories are having an overhaul with the quirky colour block scarf. It’s a great way to give your outerwear that much needed burst of vibrancy and cheer you up on a drab day. This style doesn’t have to include bright shades, you can also opt for neutral tones too. These shades are perfect to complement evening-wear offering a sophisticated accessory to your outfit.

Womens hats – Chokers

This iconic look pairs perfectly with the revival of 90s grunge. Chokers were a statement in several catwalk collections offering an edgy look to feminine styles. There were a variety of materials, sizes and colours used including Balmain’s chunky metallic and glassy styles to Lanvin’s gemstone neck-jailing chokers. Classic black chokers also offer that gothic inspired look for an on trend 90s outfit.

Statement pendants

Pendants were a big feature in several catwalk collections. There was an arrangement of contemporary, ancient inspired and eye-catching examples. Each showcased beautiful designs and offered the perfect complement to this season trends. Valentino and Loewe showcased larger scale examples whilst Ralph Lauren offered smaller, delicate pieces.

Punk accessories

It’s time to join the vintage revolution with this season’s Womens hats punk infusions. Everything from ear cuffs and nose rings to gothic chains and embellished hair accessories. This trend offers the perfect balance between 90s grunge and 70s punk. The models of Dior displayed a beautiful range of multiple piercings and Balenciaga payed homage to vintage inspired war around ear cuffs. The rebellious feel to this autumn/winter trend also offers a range of adventurous jewellery. From a mishmash of chains and leather buckles these interesting statement accessories provide a complement to this vintage trend.

Statement belts

Belts have always given us a practical way to accessorise. From leather-clad examples to wide waist clinching styles, this versatile fashion item offers a range of ways to complement an outfit. There were a range of colours, fabrics and patterns displayed during recent fashion weeks from bejeweled belts to skull buckles.

Womens hats and accessories are always a key statement to complement the new seasons styles.