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Handbags autumn winter 2015

August 13, 2015

Now as the autumn months approach you may be reconsidering your wardrobe, especially as we’ve already gone over the trends to look out for last week.However, it isn’t just your clothes you need to think about as accessories are important to factor in too.Here’s our guide to Handbags autumn winter 2015.

Handbags autumn winter 2015

They can really help modernise an outfit and make it current.If you love your bags, then you’ll be pleased to know there’s plenty to choose from this autumn and winter, and all of it is full of colour.


So let’s take a look at what’s in store for bags next season and make sure we’re prepared.And we’ll also take a look at how you can buy vintage and achieve next season’s key looks for autumn/winter 2015 at a fraction of the cost.

Handbags autumn winter 2015 - Vintage 1960s handbag

Vintage 1960s handbag

Bag shapes-Handbags autumn winter 2015

This autumn we’re looking at barrel bags, totes, clutch purses, bucket totes and bags made out of dyed shearling, as shearling will be in this year for both men and women.


However, as long as your handbag has at least some of the key themes for this autumn and winter, you can get away with different shapes and not stick regimentally to what’s been dictated by the catwalk and the high street.

Designer trends-Handbags autumn winter 2015

On the catwalk there was plenty of shape, style and colour with something for everyone. Lots of unusual shapes and novelty designs. There was still some 70s left over from the summer, and some sharp colours from an 80s palate’s that’ll be coming into play this autumn.


We’re talking patches, which as you remember was big for men with patchwork on jeans, as well as jackets. Handbags came with colourful patches on one bag, there was 70s fringing and plenty of suede, with dyed shearling and embroidery.


Valentino was hot on intricate embroidery, with gemstones from Dolce & Gabbana and studs from Alexander Wang.


As well as patches, colours came in different shapes, shades and sizes on clutch purses to bags.


There were also big bright bucket totes in yellows and pinks and bags with elaborated handles from Stella McCartney.

The catwalks for Handbags autumn winter 2015

The catwalks gave us a rainbow of colours and patterns from Dior, Prada, Chanel, Marc Jacobs, and Fendi. and it was evident that the new autumn/winter bags weren’t for the faint hearted.

The high street

On the high street, River Island have brightly coloured purses, big slouchy totes, suede and fringes in puce and black.They’d clearly taken notes from the catwalk with coloured patchwork, embroidery, prints faux fur and black tapestry prints.


H&M have taken on the key themes for this new season with fringes, suede, brightly coloured clutch purses, sequins, colour and faux fur.

Handbags autumn winter 2015 vintage style

If you want to buy vintage rather than buy brand new then you’ll be pleased to know that the 60s and 70s offer plenty of mileage this autumn, with plenty of the colours, shapes and patterns we’ve seen on the catwalk for autumn and winter.

1960s Handbags autumn winter 2015

The 60s fits in beautifully with this season’s colours and shapes. Think coloured patches, imaginative colour combinations, tapestry carpet bags, beads, flowers and fringes.


Yes, vintage is always more vivid, the details more intricate, the colours sharper. It’s always better the first time round, and if you find one in good condition that’s been hardly used – even better.

Straw 1960s handbag vintage

Straw 1960s handbag vintage

1970s Handbags autumn winter 2015

Again we have the fringes and coloured suede, florals, tribal prints, embroidery, plastic pastel flowers, plastic handles, bucket and barrel bags, and again, those vibrant colour combinations.


Choose a bag from whichever decade and you’ll have a look that is fresh and current, something that doesn’t come at designer prices and lasts just as long. Happy shopping!


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