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Affordable vintage clothing

September 27, 2015

Vintage fashion is great, isn’t it? and because of that we’re going to take a general look at Affordable vintage clothing this week and see how you can source particular pieces, and also where to look to bone up on certain items.

Guide to affordable vintage clothing

Affordable vintage clothing is a whole dressing up box of memories and styles, and histories. It’s no wonder that everyone is now coming round to the idea of a vintage wardrobe.Key vintage items really do make a difference to a wardrobe. It could be a Ralph Lauren crested blazer or a pair of classic black pants from the 90s.


What we find today however, is that because everyone now knows about affordable vintage clothing, everyone’s after the same classic pieces and sometimes, it’s not easy to get hold of something affordable.

When vintage wasn’t even a word

There was a time when vintage was relatively unheard of.It consisted of looking through jumble sales and second hand charity shops, hoping to find that one thing you couldn’t be without.Vintage clothes were relatively cheap back in the day, especially in the 70s and 80s.


However, the vintage vibe gathered pace and celebrities, singers and actresses were wearing vintage and bringing it into the spotlight, so vintage became more popular and more widely known.

The originality and uniqueness of Affordable vintage clothing

Vintage items are now extremely popular and each item has its own unique story, which perhaps makes it all that more special.If you make sure you know your fashion history, then you’re likely to make Affordable vintage clothing shopping a little easier.


You can learn an awful lot about clothes from books, magazines and online. If you’re well-armed with information, then you’re going to be shopping with purpose.

The Vintage Fashion Guild

The Vintage Fashion Guild is one online source of information that you may find useful, a place where you can check out labels and learn to know your subject better.


There’s a great deal of information on there, as well as a detailed fashion history of each type of garment, whether it be hats or lingerie.There’s also detailed information on labels. This can really give you some background information so when you do hit the vintage shops, you’re boned up on what you’re looking for.

Interrogate staff at your favourite affordable vintage clothing store

Keep in mind that vintage stores are often managed by a team that knows their stuff as well as you do, and have a healthy love and respect for vintage fashion.


Their enthusiasm and expertise can be a bonus. If you’re looking for something in particular speak to the staff.


Blue17 is a particularly good place to source vintage items because the inspiration from good design, quality & manufacture from 1920s – 1990s affordable vintage clothing is still there .There’s a lot of experience to be gleaned there, so don’t be shy. If you’re looking for a particular look, please ask for more information.

Vintage on a budget-Fabrics

And yes we come to fabrics.

There are pieces that you’ll be able to find that are made from silk, cotton or linen. You’ll also find that fabrics may have had different names, such as artificial silk which became known as rayon after 1925.


Azlon was used between the First World War and the second and was a fibre made from regenerated protein such soy, corn, peanuts and milk.


It’s relatively unknown now and is known for being a weak fabric. Oxford cloth dates back to 19th century Scotland and was used to make shirts, and still is. If you’re unsure, ask.

Affordable vintage clothing – Vintage haute couture

Yes, potentially vintage haute couture can be pricey and with the popularity of vintage it’s not always possible to get something on a budget.


You’re also competing with plenty of others who are after the same piece. However, you’d be surprised at how reasonable some haute couture pieces are – you can get some items for the same as you would pay on the high street.That’s not bad for a piece of haute couture, look carefully and check labels, stitching and any fading.

Be selective

When buying vintage items, don’t buy on impulse and always ask if you’re not sure of anything. At Blue17 nothing goes on the rails unless it’s good quality, but always examine the garment first.

Vintage on a budget- always check the labels

Yes, affordable vintage clothing is far more popular now than it used to be, but if you do your homework first, you are always in with a chance of getting your hands on something really special.



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