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Vintage Weddings – A Special Occasion To Remember

August 17, 2015

Are you planning a wedding? Thing is if you are, and you’re a vintage fan, how far are you prepared to go to make sure your wedding is a true vintage affair? Vintage weddings are special and that one day will be something you remember for the rest of your life.

Vintage Weddings To Remember

You want it to be something that everyone else will remember too, for all the right reasons.

Vintage Weddings Themes, decade, vintage

You may be planning a theme or a particular decade.For instance you may go for a country fete theme or perhaps you want to dress as a 1940s bride.


Does that include your husband, your bridesmaids, and your guests even?

Is everyone to go with your vintage theme?

This is a difficult one, although one assumes that if you’ve decided on a choice of forties or fifties vintage weddings, you’ve discussed it with your partner and agreed to it.Naturally, your bridesmaids will be dressed in said theme to at least give consistency to the entire wedding party.


Do your guests dress as 1940s guests too?Probably not, as perhaps not everyone wants to do dress up, so it might be best to keep it to just bride, groom and bridesmaids.

The dress – vintage or retro?

If you decide on a choice of 1940s or 50s vintage weddings, is it possible to find a dress that’ll be in a good enough condition to wear on the day?Or is it better to wear a retro designed dress that flatters the 1940s shapes, but is otherwise brand new?


If you choose a dress from a later decade, chances are that you’ll be able to find something that’s from the original decade, but is in much better condition.

If you want a brand new dress but in a vintage style - you can always make it yourself

If you want a brand new dress but in a vintage style – you can always make it yourself


You’ll be searching far and wide into every corner to find the perfect dress, but once you’ve found it you’ll know.If you’re a vintage fan then you’ll be well accustomed to wearing clothes someone else has worn, but are you willing to do this on your wedding day?

Mccalls dress patterns vogue vintage model

Mccalls dress patterns vogue vintage model


If so, are you daring enough perhaps to wear something that’s not traditionally white?

Vintage Weddings-The best vintage dresses, the best designers

First names that spring to mind when thinking about vintage dresses, especially for vintage weddings are Ossie Clark, Biba, Zandra Rhodes, Vivienne Westwood and Donna Karan.


Yes, Donna Karan, smooth draping of fabric, minimalist embellishments, superior cutting.If you’re looking for bright fabric, exquisite patterns and cut and beautifully shaped sleeves think Ossie Clark (remember Emma Watson in THAT Ossie Clark dress?).


Think Zandra Rhodes for frills, lace, ribbons and full skirts. How about a light blue silk number with beads. Yes for vintage weddings, vintage dresses are the best.

Vintage reception too?

So what if you’re looking to deck out the entire reception area to match your themed/vintage wedding?Yes, it’s extra work, but fun, and so worth it. What kind of cutlery did they use for weddings in the 70s


What kind of tableware did they use in the 80s? It’s a lot of research, but tremendously satisfying as you put together the final bits and pieces for your special day.


Vintage weddings definitely require special planning and you need to think about it carefully well in advance, this isn’t going to be a last minute thing.


You need to start thinking about vintage weddings much earlier than you would with a more conventional wedding.But the most important thing is – enjoy. Once you’ve put it all together, you’ll be glad you made the effort.



Jean Shrimpton

Fancy an unconventional vintage wedding?
Vintage print, 16 February 1955 CLARE BLOOM
Medieval perhaps??
A wedding dress – 1950s style
How about a 1920s wedding?
Biba style
Perhaps not quite this far back?
But you can take the ideas from anywhere, any period and work them to your advantage.

60s style