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Vintage party dresses

May 29, 2015

Why would you choose from vintage party dresses?

This is a good question. A good answer is required. If you’re a seasoned lover of all things vintage, this question perhaps, needs no answer, for you know full well that following the admiring glances, the never-ending questions about where did you get that dress, and then the hand grenade question, THE question they all ask…


“Where can I get hold of that dress?”

And you know the answer don’t you?

No, sorry, it’s vintage, it’s a one off.”

You know THAT is the reason you buy vintage.

Oh, you don’t want to appear smug, after all she was only asking, but vintage is vintage. It’s vibrant, it’s interesting, it’s noticeable, it’s treasured, above-average, gorgeous and exquisite, all the letters that spell out via va va v-i-n-t-a-g-e.

Yes, you really will be convinced about vintage party dresses by the time you’ve finished reading this…

Patterns from Vogue 1950s - but you get the idea - its different

Patterns from Vogue 1950s – but you get the idea – its different

Not convinced of the beauty of Vintage party dresses?

But are you one of those that’s unconvinced perhaps? Maybe you’re not a vintage fashionista yet, you’re just curious, you’re eager to experiment, to find out whether  vintage party dresses are right for you. You’ve wandered on to this site without really thinking, is vintage the thing to get involved in? Well, if you love fashion the answer is a big, fat, YES.


Or the 1990s has some gorgeous silhouettes, Vera Wang Vogue patterns 1990s

Vintage party dresses – Come over and join us….

The best way of finding out if vintage party dresses are for you, is to perhaps start out at the beginning, the point at which a high street girl becomes a vintage vixen. It’s the first time you try on a vintage party dress. It’s the clincher, it’s the one true garment that’ll seal the deal and force you to take a sharp turn over to the dark side, to the beautiful, crazy, half-light world of vintage love.

beautiful dresses for making a statement

beautiful dresses for making a statement

Haute couture for the people

There’s a certain confidence you get from wearing vintage party dresses that sets you apart. You wear a vintage party dress for the first time, it has the most exquisite detailing, the colours are practically bursting out of the fabric and the fit – it’s like somebody sewed it on to fit your body’s curves.

Those little details make all the difference

Aaah yes, the dressmaking. The darts, those carefully folded pleats, the fabric cut outs that have been placed so carefully. Buying vintage feels like you’re buying haute couture at high street prices. But unlike high street, you’re not buying into mass-produced nonsense that’ll fall apart after a few wears, or worst case scenario – you’ll meet someone you can’t stand in the accountancy department wearing the exact same dress.

The circle of fashion

Fashion is an ever-moving cycle, with the same trends coming back full circle and creating new retro trends all over again. Kaftans, maxi dresses and kimono jackets all spell a summer 70s vibe. Hair is flicked, soft and crimped, did you see Julianne Moore’s crimped hair? The straighteners are on hold while hair is let loose.

Vintage party dresses from your favourite decade

You can wear vintage party dresses in homage to whichever favourite decade you prefer. It could be the 70s, 60s, 50s or even the 40s or 30s. You don’t have to wear a complete decade faithful outfit. You could mix and match with whatever contemporary pieces you feel matches your new dress. And if you don’t like 70s then don’t do it – create your own trends and start first with a first class vintage party dress.

Beads, rhinestones and pearls

If you choose something vintage with sequins, rhinestones or beads, then your dress will more than likely be better made than a contemporary version. The workmanship on vintage party dresses, regardless of how old they are, are often much better made, and the beads and stones are often hand sewn on.


So the next time you’re looking for a party dress, think vintage party dresses. And when someone asks you that obligatory question “where can I get hold of that dress?” You can casually tell them “it’s vintage – it’s a one-off darling.”

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Cashmere evening gown – 1920s dernieres creations

And you can always turn to the 1920s for something completely different.
Norman Hartnell patterns

You could turn up in a knitted party dress, such as this one from the 60s, but not on a rainy evening.

Bellville Sasoon Vogue 1980s patterns, but you can pick up ready-made from good vintage stores – such as Blue17