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Vintage denim skirts – A line shapes, short to maxi lengths

June 5, 2015

Denim, like leather, has come in many guises over the years and you have to admit, there is nothing better than Vintage denim skirts for showing off tanned legs or a smart pair of calf length or knee high boots. Over the years we’ve had A line shapes, short and tight, knee length and tight and maxi length.

Vintage denim skirts

What shape the skirt, what shape your body?

What type of vintage denim skirts you prefer is entirely up to you. And of course it also rather depends on what suits your height and shape. I’m a big fan of maxi skirts, but sadly, unless the fabric is light and the cut is straight, maxi skirts are out for me due to my height.


Therefore a shorter denim skirt does the trick, that’s normally a choice between mini, thigh length or knee length. I usually tend to favour a knee length, but not the wider A width.

What style of Vintage denim skirts?

You of course can go with whatever suits your frame, if you have long legs and you’re tall, then a short denim skirt is perfect for the summer and even better when it’s vintage, because here we’re talking distressed denim, even with embellishments. You can also personalise your vintage denim skirt too and customise it so it really feels like it’s your skirt.


Once you’ve decided on your basic body shape and you have a fair idea of which skirt length is going to work for you, you also have your own unique style and taste and you can make this work for you with vintage. Once you’ve got your skirt, wear it with a modern shirt or blouse, match with contemporary shoes, boots or sandals and go forth, with your own modern take on denim.

Vintage denim skirts-Adapt, refresh and update

When you’re wondering how to put an outfit together to go with your new vintage denim purchase, keep updating yourself on what’s in style currently, you can adapt your look to fit in anything that’s new and in vogue, thus keeping your look thoroughly fresh and updated.


If you’re doing vintage for the first time and you’ve been wary of wading straight in with garish colours and sequinned numbers, then Vintage denim skirts are the perfect place to start. This is a simple yet effective fabric that can be worn with just about anything. Denim is always in and never out and for the newbie vintage fashionista, it’s the perfect start.

Want to be more daring?

Having said that, some of you may be on the cusp of a new vintage horizon, for those of you who are now vintage confident, perhaps it’s time to start with something new and daring. While choosing something that reflects your personality, also try something in a shade or pattern you wouldn’t normally wear, such as a brightly patterned top, something sequinned from the 80s matched with vintage denim skirts and if that doesn’t work for you, maybe something current, something that’s thoroughly modern, worn with your denim skirt to create a new, bold look.

Shape, size and accessorize

Of course as with every blog about vintage clothes, it always has to be said that accessories are always important. We’re talking vintage or new, whatever works. You can tie scarves to handbags, match an outfit with a scarf to the neck or a pair of new or vintage sunglasses.


Think about your shape, the sizing (as there may be variations with older styles), and then build an outfit around it. Don’t allow yourself to be talked into buying anything else at this point, until you’ve worked out what you want to wear with the skirt think about it carefully and enjoy your vintage shopping experience. It should always be enjoyed and savoured, slowly.


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Long or short, choose a skirt that suits your body shape
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