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Vintage Western boots

March 27, 2015

Find out how you can wear iconic vintage western boots -in style….


I love a good western boot, I have at least 2 pairs. I love the sound of the heels as they strike the pavement, I love the feel of them against my legs and the added support they give, and ultimately I love how they make me feel taller than I really am.

Vintage cowboy boots-a boot for all seasons


A versatile boot

Vintage Western boots are the versatile boots for all seasons, all trends and every outfit you can conceivably think of in your wardrobe. It’s the all-weather boot that I absolutely love, the unisex footwear that looks as good with jeans as it does with a feminine dress.

19th-century Western boots

19th-century Western boots

A long and distinguished history

Vintage western boots have a long history –they were essentially a functional utility boot designed for riding. The heels were specifically shaped to avoid slipping in the stirrups.


A masterpiece of ergonomically designed boot to help the rancher both work and play in a boot for all conditions and all occasions. They would often have a pair for work and a pair for leisure.


They unsurprisingly replaced the wellington in the equestrian world, and who can blame them, for the Western boot had so much more elegance that an ugly wellington boot.

How the west was worn

How the west was worn

Different designs from plain to colourful patterns

There were different types developed with the western, roper and classic. Basically, you can take your vintage western boots in any way you want, high up to the calf, low down, just above the ankle and your toes can be square, round or pointed.

How they used to wear 19th century cowboy boots

How they used to wear them


They’ve been made of cowhide leather and still are, unless you like your cowboy boots made from manufactured material and that’s okay too. If you love animals, don’t go for the more adventurous and exotic leathers that have been used in the past.

how you can wear your western boots today


You can have your Vintage Western boots in any shape or colour you like

Whether you like your western boot high up on the leg, or low down at the ankle, they come in a variety of colours, patterns and embellishments and it’s all down to personal taste at the end of the day. There’s nothing better than Vintage Western boots of course because, let’s face it, they’re always better made.


There was a time when vintage western boots were individually hand made, but naturally that was before the industrial age. Let’s just settle for Vintage Western boots that are maybe at least 20 – 30 years old. Something with plenty of give, good strong leather and a proud Cuban heel. Then perhaps some geometric patterns, coloured patterns even, or you can have them just plain.

Western boots go global

Vintage western boots are now so popular they’re worn all over the world, even in Japan. It’s hard to imagine they’d take off there, but the Japanese know a fashion staple when they see one, and they’re always conscious of what works fashion wise and what doesn’t.


If you’re looking for a new pair of Vintage Western boots , if it’s only to add to your existing collection or replace a pair that have seen better days, then try your very best to go down the vintage route. You will find its better value for money and what’s more, you’ll find yourself with an exquisite pair of vintage western boots that come with the kind of unique detailing you won’t see on the high street with their mass manufactured versions.