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Womens vintage ethnic tops

April 13, 2015

I think it may be almost time for a bold tribal chic look and if you are considering that yourself, then I’m going to recommend womens vintage ethnic tops as a way forward.Why? Because you have the opportunity to mix and match with other pieces that create something truly amazing and mixing vintage with contemporary is always fun.

Read on to see how a vintage ethnic top can transform an outfit.

Vintage ethnic tops for Women


The originality of Womens vintage ethnic tops

As well as finding something that’s better made with more focus on craftsmanship and less on mass manufacturing, with Womens vintage ethnic tops there is always an opportunity to own something that is a one off, a piece of clothing that you’ll be unlikely to see anyone else wearing.


The colours and patterns of Womens vintage ethnic tops can be as vivid you want and perhaps with a little perseverance you may find something truly astounding.


Mexican vintage is quite popular and worth considering, but if you’re looking for a truly tribal theme, then perhaps African prints are more your kind of thing.


Of course with the most popular music festivals only a moment away, many will be considering a new 2015 festival look.


The weather can be the crucial factor in what most will be wearing this year, if its rain and mud then designer wellies, well-fitting vest tops, riley shirts, parkers, ponchos and skinnys may be the order of the day.If the sun is shining then clothes will be less and more flesh will be on display – a perfect opportunity to reach for more sultry tribal prints and mix them with plain, earthy colours.

An ethnic print for every decade

Every decade has its ethnic prints, so it’s really up to you which is your favourite decade and which print takes your eye.


Anything goes with Womens vintage ethnic tops, and be aware that anything that has so much as a stripe on it, will be deemed “ethnic” and “festival ready,” so make your own decision as to whether you consider it to be truly ethnic or festival appropriate.

Dashiki glam

Dashiki tops are particularly beautiful and can be worn by both men and women, a bright coloured top from west Africa, they can be found from 1970s Womens vintage ethnic tops, made with a slouchy fit, with exquisite patterns and colours and often come with trimmings at the neck, that are either embroidered with gold or white.


Kaftans will be all the rage this summer in keeping with the 70s vibe, that so far, has been strong this year.


Kaftan Womens vintage ethnic tops then will be an essential item for the summer, worn with tight cut off denim shorts, skinny jeans or short skirts, the kaftan ethnic top comes in a variety of colours and patterns, offering plenty of choice.


The 60s and 70s are a natural breeding ground for Womens vintage ethnic tops with ethnic kaftan tops that billow around the arms and offer a loose fit for lazy balmy summer evenings, worn over a pair of denim shorts they can be removed easily to reveal a well fitted vest top on sun-kissed arms underneath.


Batik kaftans are an option too, shorter but still with the vibrant colour palette.Traditional ethnic tunics with slim-line sleeves are good to go with jeans or shorts and create a really slim silhouette for those who avoid billowing fabrics.


All in all if you’re looking for womens vintage ethnic tops, then take your time and don’t rush it, a rush buy may be something you live to regret later. Buy at leisure and enjoying wearing it for more than just 1 festival/Barbie/beach picnic – just choose the relevant summer pass time.



Classic African Dashiki ethnic top

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