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Autumn jewellery trends

October 10, 2015

Autumn jewellery trends are all about being bold and assertive. We all know that the right accessories can make an outfit. The best accessory of all is jewellery. For some it’s the bag, or the shoes, and yes they are important, but for me jewellery is king.

Look out for the new autumn jewellery trends

This week we will be looking at the autumn jewellery trends and how you can find make your outfit stand out for all the right reasons. So read on to find out what key jewellery pieces that should be on everyone’s list. It’s also a great opportunity to source vintage pieces. These will have the fine details and unique style high street brands can’t match.

The key looks for this autumn

Autumn jewellery trends – Fringes

The fringe has been a favourite adornment for bags this season, however it isn’t just the bag that’s getting the fringe treatment. Jewellery trends feature a lot of fringing for fluid movement and shape.They will adorn earrings, necklaces and bracelets. You can choose your pieces by singling out colours from your outfit for a sharp and distinct look.

Autumn jewellery trends – Chokers

Yes the choker is reminiscent of the mid 70s with their velvet straps and cameo brooch centres. This season’s choker is linear for a strong look. No extra adornments are necessary, just a strip of pure black.

Autumn jewellery trends – Baroque

Reminiscent of the Baroque era the theatrical fashion and style of this period is brought to life with this seasons’ autumn jewellery trends. Ostentatious embellishments with ornate gems create a dramatic look.Don’t worry you don’t need real gems to make this look work – just raid your grandmother’s jewellery box.

Floral Autumn jewellery trends

There are beautiful flowers in every shape you can imagine. There are china coloured bunches on earrings, or ornate diamante flower shaped beauties dangling from your neck. Seek out flowers in whichever shape they come.

Pendant necklaces

These have their roots in the 1970s vibe left over from summer. A long pendant with something curiously interesting at the end of it. It opens up an ideal opportunity to source vintage pieces.

1980s Art Deco

As you will have seen from earlier blogs, the 80s makes a big comeback this autumn and winter, and with it the 80s and some gorgeous art deco shapes.Jewellery trends for this pretty style is geometric shapes and twists in ornate colours, the bigger the better. Again, a perfect opportunity to source some real authentic 80s pieces.

Single earrings

Single earrings are really big this autumn with one strong and assertive look. Dangle one long and interesting piece from one side of your head for a dramatic and ultra-glamorous look.


Yes, pearls are good, faux or real and worn anyway you like in autumn jewellery trends. Hang them from your ears, from your neck and dangle them on your wrist. They’ve been around for the past 100 years and they never fail to complete an outfit.

No, we’re not talking a string pearl set that your granny would have worn. We’re talking something far more decadent, assertive and stylish than that. Wear them with anything, to dress up a jeans and tee combo.


Remember, to be at the top with autumn jewellery trends, always try and source vintage because it really is the season of the authentic vintage jewellery piece.