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Vintage Womens Western Boots To Add Boho Chic to your outfit

March 28, 2015

Vintage womens western boots are ideal for adding a touch of insouciance to your outfit: a little bit of boho chic. They’re comfortable too.When you buy the real thing, these boots come in so many colours and designs that you may find yourself becoming a bit of a collector!

Womens vintage cowboy Boots

Vintage Womens Western Boots - colourful cowboy boots

colourful cowboy boots

A bit about the history of vintage womens western boots



Of course, these boots started out with the cowboys of America and can also be called cowboy boots. The reason for the design is very specific.

Cowboy boot - the heels can be quite high

Cowboy boot – the heels can be quite high


Vintage womens western Boots – Design

Original cowboy boots came up to just below the knee, and took the function of waterproof wellington boots when the rider was not on his horse. When the heroic cattle herder needed to paddle through creeks, across muddy ground or through stinging plants, the tough leather boots protected them. But what about the vintage Womens western boots high heel? OK, it’s not a stiletto, but a Cuban heel doesn’t seem so practical to stride across the prairie.

The heel is designed so that when the rider is on his horse, his foot won’t slip right through the stirrup if there’s an accident. Because if the foot goes forwards, not back, the leg could be caught and the rider dragged right along the ground. So it acts like a hook. And for the same reason, the leg part of the boot is rather loose, but long.

If it was laced up securely, the foot couldn’t slip out easily in this situation. And laces may get in the way, get trapped or rub on things, so the smooth, polished sides are designed for maximum slipperiness. The length helps the boots to stay on better.

Roper boots

More recently you can find shorter, lower heeled “Roper boots”, which serve a different purpose.


The decoration is just the wearer’s personal preference. Vintage womens western Boots come in different colours, with different designs, either cut out, embroidered or appliquéd. The design can be a picture, like a horse or eagle, or a decorative pattern.


A cowboy or girl doesn’t wear their fanciest boots right out where no-one can see them on the ranch, but they’ll get them out for an audience at the rodeo. The toe shape is normally pointed or almond shaped, but can be square too, according to fashion.

Inspirational wearers of vintage womens western boots

Dolly Parton, the country and Western singer, loves vintage womens western boots. You don’t have to sport the boobs and the big hair, but if you adopt a little of her big hearted pizzazz along with some cowboy boots you’ll find yourself a style icon in no time.


Sienna Miller liked wearing cowboy boots at the height of her boho chic moment. She teamed them with long, swishy skirts and long hair.


Taylor Swift loves the vintage Womens western boots look, and teams them with pretty white dresses.


Jessica Simpson does the Daisy Duke look, pairing hers with tiny tiny cut of denim shorts. Denim is, of course the traditional thing to wear with your vintage womens western boots, whether that’s shorts, jeans or a denim jacket. You can show the boots off with skinny jeans, leggings or tights.



Mighty fine  Western Boots

Dolly Parton and some fine Boots

Sienna Miller’s Western boots.

Cowboy boots, a pretty dress and a denim jacket.

Jessica Simpson in her favourite boots.