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Ponchos – never out of fashion

September 6, 2015

Ponchos are always a hit whether they’re in fashion or not.They’ve been around it seems, forever. From what we can see on the street, they’re not likely to go anywhere. From the shorter versions, to the high necked polo type, they can be different things to different people.


Wear Ponchos for work or play

Wear them to a festival or wear them to work.This season’s ponchos are no exception as the trend favours a more coat like style that can easily be worn to work and then again at night for dinner with friends.There’s also a definite feel for the longer type that’s almost cape like, so keep an eye out for these types of garment.


Question is if you’re a vintage fan and you don’t want to buy brand new, where can you find the new coat style ponchos?Don’t’ worry if you don’t like the coat style poncho, as there are many colourful more traditional type ponchos available that can rock an outfit.

Different shapes, colours and lengths

Ponchos can be hooded, short or long and it can be worn day and night, for work or for leisure, but how do you wear one?


Dark colours are good for the autumn and winter nights and a longer one is perfect for the drop in temperature.There are some great v necklines and some really lovely boho patterns, colours and shapes that look really good with jeans, pants or shorts (with tights in winter).

Ponchos 1970s style – ethnic, boho and colour

There are some great 1970s ponchos with a real ethnic/boho feel for those who love vintage, and who doesn’t?There’s also an awful lot of crocheted ponchos from around this period and yes, you can wear a crocheted example if you want, but it can look a little dated.


Look for a looser, freer poncho that moves, and is more fluida rather than a one made from harsher, stiffer fabrics.

1960s style – shorter, beautiful patterns

Although 60s ponchos tend to be a little on the shorter side, there are some longer ones.There are some beautifully patterned styles from this decade, with impressive detailing.

1980s, 1990s – long, kaftan shapes, plenty of movement

There are some great styles from the 80s, with hooded, kaftan types and some beautiful drapery and great length to them.There are some interesting ones from the 90s, but perhaps the 70s and 80s may be your best bet.

Wear a poncho with confidence

Don’t be afraid to experiment with how you wear yours, you don’t have to wear them purely for the beach or casual wear.


If you are going to wear them during the day you can match them with pants and if you wear a skirt, knee length is best or shorter.


A long maxi skirt and a poncho is going to take inches off you and make you looker shorter, as well as bulking you up layers of fabric.A poncho with a pair of pants can look every bit as smart as a jacket so choose some muted colours and choose one that fits and looks like a loose coat.


Wear with a slim line, well fitted top underneath, any bulk and you’ll add weight on to your upper body. Keep everything beneath the poncho smooth and well fitting.