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Fashion Ideas for Vintage Lovers

July 30, 2016

Each season we are presented with plenty of fashion ideas on how to wear current trends. If you don’t fit into the fast fashion mould and your taste is a little more eclectic, you’ll want fashion ideas that fit with your individual style choices. For people who love vintage fashion, you’ll find lots of items to mix with modern style. Adding vintage fashion inspiration to your wardrobe can unleash your inner spirit and creativity.


Sometimes people can be a little hesitant on vintage choices for the fear of them looking like they are wearing fancy dress. Choosing the right fashion styles and perfect items for your personality avoids exactly that, helping you make fantastic vintage choices.We’ve compiled some top fashion outfit ideas to help you take the plunge and pair classics with modern trends. These style ideas can be used for casual looks, evening-wear and occasion styles and are ideal for people looking to mix fashion with originality.

Mix vintage clothing with modern items

The easiest way to introduce vintage into your life is pairing items with your current wardrobe. Unless you want to lead a fully fledged vintage lifestyle, buying key pieces will give you the chance to experiment with style. Vintage can provide a unique feel and  outfit inspiration without spending tons of money on styles that don’t fit your personality. Examples of cute casual looks can include delicate vintage blouses with on trend denim or pretty vintage dresses with modern footwear. The choice is endless and you can experiment with a range of eras and styles to get your desired look.

Buy vintage fashion that looks like current trends

Many of today’s trends have been inspired by looks from previous decades. Designer catwalks are a buzz with iconic cuts and design that filter through to high street trends. Many contemporary fashion ideas have been reinterpreted from styles of a bygone era so finding key vintage pieces is perfect to match with modern trend cycles. You’ll be surprised what you can find on the high street that is the spitting image of vintage boutique bargains and it’s here you can start creating your statement look. You’ll find charming 1950s tea dresses similar to modern fashion worn by celebrities such as Taylor Swift. For 90s grunge styles worn by pop sensation Rihanna, there’s plenty of authentic vintage pieces out there to steal her style.

Don’t be afraid to mix vintage eras

Just as you can mix spots with stripes, don’t be afraid of sampling fashion ideas from different vintage eras together. Mixing styles is a great way to pick the best of iconic decades and creates an exciting way to rework fashion ideas. Combinations of texture, fabrics, prints and colour all provide an unexpected pleasure in styling your vintage wardrobe. Pretty accessories from one decade may also work perfectly with garments from another so you can get your creative juices flowing and make your own style inspiration according to taste.

fashion ideas - Vintage accessories

Vintage accessories

Accessorize your fashion ideas with modern embellishment

As we all know jewellery and accessories are the perfect way to complete an outfit. If you love wearing vintage clothing, pairing modern accessories is an ideal way to balance your overall style. Classic looks work well paired with vibrant colours giving you a pop of originality especially when opting for monochrome palettes. Handbags and shoes are another way to update a vintage look, giving you that subtle twist on a vintage classic. You can also use these fashion ideas in reverse by teaming vintage accessories and jewellery with your modern clothing styles.

Create the complete vintage look

Unless you love spending hours preening your hair and makeup in the morning, many of us choose the easy option. Completing your whole vintage look doesn’t mean you need to trawl through hours of YouTube videos to recreate vintage beauty. Chances are you’ll opt for a modern approach to your makeup routine and you can throw in some vintage inspiration for good measure. If you’ve chosen delicate vintage styles, a cute top bun and the perfect eyeliner flick will give a beautifully understated look. For glamorous occasion wear including stunning 1930s Hollywood looks, loose flowing waves and a striking red lip pairs perfectly with your vintage dress.

Feel confident in your fashion ideas and embrace your personality

We should always strive to buy clothing that makes us feel good and not what others feel look good. Don’t get me wrong it’s great to get compliments on what you’re wearing but if you don’t feel comfortable then it shows. Selecting vintage clothing should mirror your personality and embrace your good points. We all have parts of our body that we’re not positive about and finding correctly fitted clothing emphasises those good points and makes us feel confident about our overall look. Vintage fashion may need to be altered which is not generally something we think about today. Body shapes and silhouettes are different in modern society and modifying a vintage piece for your shape gives you a unique and flattering style for many seasons.

Choose fashion ideas from many eras

For many, vintage fashion captures you in different ways. Some are drawn to a particular era others just love the feel of an iconic style. It’s sometimes difficult to get away from those stereotypes of well-known decades too. Believe it or not during the 1920s ladies didn’t just wear flapper dresses and the 1950s, ladies didn’t always sport poodle skirts. There are many styles during the century that make up our fashion history. Finding something that suits you and not the stereotype is the perfect way to embrace an individual look.


When we mention being confident in your own skin and style. If that means you love wearing top to toe in vintage fashion, go for it!   Whatever you personality let it all shine through, whether that’s all out 1950s pin up girl or 1980s disco chic. Vintage is a great way to express your unique fashion ideas and tailor your clothing to suit your tastes.



Mixing vintage with modern accessories

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