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Vintage for women over 40

August 23, 2014

As you get older it would seem there are an infinite number of style rules to follow with Vintage for women, if you don’t want to look old before your time. Don’t wear Lycra, no red or lace, no chunky chains to cover décolletage – because apparently it doesn’t work and they can all make you look a lot older.

Should women over 40 do vintage

No spray tan, and stay away from miniskirts and below the knee black dresses – it’s enough to leave you feeling so confused that you may ask yourself whether it’s worth bothering with at all, in the fear of getting it wrong.


As we get older there are so many hidden fashion faux pas we may not be aware of, that it’s not surprising that so many women in their 40s and 50s play it safe and become self-conscious about what they wear. So when it comes to Vintage for women – we are perhaps reluctant to go down that fashion road.

But should they – is vintage for Women only for the young?

If you dare to wear something vintage will it be perceived as being a step too far, making you look like old Auntie Doris with something you cobbled together from the back of the wardrobe from yesteryear, because you haven’t moved with the times?


Is retro and vintage for women only for the young? Is the irony of looking good in a vintage garment lost on older women, and should it be kept for the 25 year olds?


Not necessarily, but here again, caution must be adhered to when choosing a vintage piece. It can work for the older woman and give her an enviable silhouette if what she buys has been carefully chosen prior to purchase.

So what are the dos and don’ts of vintage of the over forties then?

It’s a good idea to aim for high-end vintage rather than high street – cheap clothes regardless of whether it’s vintage or contemporary doesn’t look good once you’re in your fifth decade. Also, try to mix and match your vintage piece with more contemporary pieces so you have a fresh look. Try and stick to one period that you particularly like rather than constantly changing, or you may be in danger of looking like a time lord from Dr Who.


Make sure that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing and that you’re conveying a message that you’re happy with. Vintage for women can make quite a statement as opposed to contemporary clothing so you need to make sure that you wear the clothes and they don’t wear you.


A carefully chosen YSL blouse, a Chanel jacket worn with a pair of contemporary jeans, a little black dress worn with a pair of classic vintage heels can give you a look few will be able to mimic.

keep in mind the allure of vintage couture

If you get it right there’s potential to give yourself a striking look and always keep in mind the allure of vintage couture – with plenty of opportunity to find a unique piece that you won’t see anyone else wearing. Paying more pays off once you’re in your forties and fifties. Dressing to impress with a key piece of vintage, whether you wear it with a few contemporary pieces or just a pair of jeans can give a real confidence boost. What’s more they’ll stand the test of time too and last a lot longer than anything else more contemporary you have in the closet.


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