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Christmas vintage dressing

December 21, 2014

I’m not talking cranberry sauce or horseradish, I’m talking Christmas vintage dressing for the holiday season. No doubt you may be getting more party invitations than you can juggle with, but while you’re busy trying to establish which party you can attend and which ones you need to turn down, you’re bound to come across one dilemma.The dilemma I speak of is what to wear during the Christmas season.

Christmas vintage dressing

High street or Christmas vintage party dressing?

At Christmas the high street will be full of party dresses and shoes, however, it could be more than likely, in fact it’s probably a dead cert, that at least one person is going to turn up in the same outfit.


That’s the problem with mass production and high street shopping, you’ll never find anything that hasn’t been copied at least a few hundred times.The styles and colours may have filtered down from the catwalk, but at the end of the day that’s where the originality ends. You’re left with a look that’s probably been copied by a million other women.


Christmas vintage dressing-1950S pink prom dress

1950S pink prom dress


What can you do to avoid this without spending a fortune on a label? If you’re in this predicament then there are ways to avoid the over duplication of the party season. If you can only afford to buy high street and you’re not willing to explore Christmas vintage dressing, then there are ways you can to try to do things a little different.

Mix and match

If you buy your dress from one shop then try and avoid buying the rest of your outfit from the same store. Buy your shoes and accessories from different stores, if you’re shopping on the street, then this might involve some traipsing around, but it’ll be worth it. If you’ve thought ahead this won’t be too much of a problem as you can order online and avoid pounding the pavements.


You may be able to conjure up an original outfit with different high street labels and if you’re dressing in a theme then even better, you’re look will stand out and hopefully not everyone will recognize everything you’re wearing.

modern party dress 2

modern party dress


Christmas vintage dressing- 1950s mad-men party dress

1950s mad-men party dress

Christmas vintage dressing and the High Street

If you’re prepared to mix vintage with brand new then even better, because now we’re talking. A really good vintage dress from a stylish decade will be the focus of your outfit. Something from 50s, or 60s are two important decades for style and you can find some gorgeous dresses in vintage stores. You can match with new shoes and a handbag, although it is possible to buy a vintage bag in good condition, a purse or wallet with those vintage clasps they made with such style.


You could wear a new dress with vintage bag and gloves, coat. You can mix and match for a theme you’re following for a night out – it doesn’t have to be fancy dress. You’re look will not only be original and get you attention for all the right reasons, you’ll also have the kind of outfit no one else has in a 50 mile radius. You’ll also get yourself a reputation for originality and for being real trendsetter.

Christmas vintage dressing-1950s pink lace tulle ballgown

1950s pink lace tulle ballgown


All over Christmas vintage dressing

All over vintage is divine, but needs careful planning. You need to plan ahead so you can get all the right bits and pieces, of course you may already have them, but if this is the first time you’re putting this look together, then it needs careful thought.


It helps if you have a plan, a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how you want to look. Write it down if you have to or take a picture on your phone if you can. This can help you and the vintage store owner to find something on the rails that fits the bill.


Once you have it then you’re guaranteed to look original, fresh and beautiful. You don’t have to spend a fortune either, it can be cost effective. You can also get hold of some well-known labels that would have been popular in their decade. An eighties wrap around Furstenberg dress, a Chanel LBD, a Givenchy dress or perhaps a sixties revival with Quant or Biba.


You can dress in any way you choose and look amazing, hair and eye make-up is down to you, you can wear to match the outfit and its theme (sixties, seventies) or bring it right up to date with current make up trends and the same goes for hair and jewellery. Just enjoy the holiday season and use your imagination – and enjoy the parties.




Elie Saab Couture Fall 2014 vintage inspired

modern party dresses

Vntage dressing – 1950’s Vintage Mocha Flocked-Garden Floral Taffeta Bombshell Rhinestones
All over Christmas vintage dressing

Coco Chanel LBD 1928