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Summer Florals 1970s style

March 15, 2015

As some of you may have noticed, florals are going to be big this summer and seen as March marks the beginning of spring, I can think of no better reason than this to discuss how you can wear Summer Florals 1970s style this summer.


For those of you with an eye for detail, you’ll have seen that all the top high street retailers, both low and high-end, have been talking about florals in their newsletters and on the fashion pages of well-known magazines.

First Lady Betty Ford's pink brocade floral print gown, 1974.

First Lady Betty Ford’s pink brocade floral print gown, 1974.

1970s style prints in summer florals

They’re eager to tell us that there is no other shop to get the floral trend right, however we’re going to take a look at how you can replicate the current trends for yourself over the next 2 seasons, and also how to create your own trends by going with vintage flower prints.


Take a look at how you can dress for the spring and summer in Summer Florals-1970s style


flowers for spring summer, pants, dresses, shirts.

Laura Ashley mid 1970s printed cotton dresses on display at the Fashion Museum, Bath, 2013.

Laura Ashley mid 1970s printed cotton dresses

What kind of Summer Florals trends are on offer on the high street?

Flower power is coming to a street near you and with it the 70s trend for shaggy hair, heavy side fringes and frizzy up dos. There’s a variety of floral prints on display, big or small, abstract to bold and clear.


Different high street stores tell us how to wear the flower trend, with 60s and 70s inspiration, and this works in our favour, especially for those of us who love vintage floral fashion, for why buy retro copies from the high street, when you can buy the real thing from a vintage store?


Anything goes, and floral prints are ditzy, feminine or bold and tropical. They can be worn with this year’s denim trend, 70s hair and chunky heeled platforms.


You can go 60s with hippy flowers or early 60s A dresses with psychedelic swirls. Floral trousers can be worn with distressed denim and chunky earrings.

Summer Florals - First Lady Betty Ford's brown summer floral print traveling suit, 1971

First Lady Betty Ford’s brown summer floral print traveling suit, 1971

Clashing patterns and colours, shirt and skirt combo

Vintage style 1970s summer Florals

So 60s and especially 70s florals are in this spring and summer, but how were they were wearing them back then?


1960s summer florals started out with A line dresses and mod styles with swirling flowers, and by the end of the decade, we saw the start of a more bohemian, hippy way of dressing that embraced looser, lighter fabrics with romantic flowers on kaftans and midi and maxi floral dresses.


Long maxi skirts often came with more than one tier. There was every kind of flower print you can think of with green tropical florals and pink backgrounds with white flowers.


And that pretty much brings us full circle and although we haven’t mentioned the 80s and 90s, this season is really about the 70s and perhaps some 60s Summer Florals thrown in for good measure.


If you feel like matching the interiors trend for all things botanical this year, then go for a green palette. However, anything goes this season as long as it has a 70s feel to it.


Look out for maxi floral dresses and skirts, flowing kaftans with floral designs, and tops that come with eye-popping floral motifs and psychedelic colours. If you’re wearing the real thing, it will almost certainly always look far better than anything you’d buy on the high street. And let’s face it, it’ll more than likely better made too. If you’re doing summer florals this spring and summer, then go vintage – you know you want to.

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