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Rock a Versatile Shoulder Pad Jacket for Women

August 18, 2018



Let’s not forget that military insignia in the form of epaulets was probably the first and most recognized form of wide shouldered jackets. Only worn by Men, the structure , display and significance clear to all those supposed to see, ensured hierarchical obedience, again to Men, unless you’re a crew member of Red Dwarf.


Broad-shouldered womens jackets were all the rage in the 1980s, with women opting for the shoulder-padded look to help propel them forward in the business world. Did you know that shoulder pads in jackets were actually quite the feminist statement? In the 1980s, women fought to be equal to their male counterparts, and used shoulder pads to convey strength, power, and confidence. But the first appearance of wider shoulders came earlier in the 1930s, when Joan Crawford rocked a shoulder-dominated dress in the film Letty Lynton. By the 1980s, rocking shoulder-widening garments meant ‘dressing for success’. Today, women are still owning this style, but putting their own spin on the look.


A Patterned Shoulder Pad Jacket to Go with Everything

The best part about living in the 1980’s was that you never had to worry about ‘matching’ colors. The 1980’s were all about color blocking and mixing patterns, so don’t be afraid to do the same when styling a Woman’s shoulder pad jacket.

Our model, Alex, is teaming her moderately puffy jacket with a white blouse and vertically striped trousers. The mix and match in patterns makes the outfit pop and fully completes the look. Add a chunky black belt at the waist to cinch your frame and top it off with a bright red nail to give a pop of colour, and you’ve got yourself a winning look. Remember, shoulder padded outfits don’t ALWAYS have to mean power and dominance, but it sure is fun to play up a funky attitude when rocking one of these killer 80’s jackets!

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