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Vintage Parties – Ideas for Parties with Vintage themes

December 29, 2014

Which party will you be holding come New Years Eve
Having a party this New Year’s Eve? Perhaps you’re thinking of Vintage Parties.These go down well with some and not with others. If you’re asking people to turn up looking ridiculous, in an outfit from a cheap hire shop, with dodgy wig and an all in one super hero Lycra suit that’s seen better days, then expect your shyest friends and colleagues to bow out gracefully and turn down your generous vintage themed party invitation.


No amount of free alcohol and breaded prawns are going to lure your more self-conscious friends to come, no matter how hard you try.

However – if you have a particular decade in mind and you think it’ll go down a treat, then you could be on the right track. For those who love fashion, vintage or anything to do with dressing in classic styles and costumes of their favourite era, then Vintage Parties could be a winner with all your friends – both shy and extrovert types.

Forties Blitz vintage parties

Vintage themed Parties -blitz party style

blitz party style


Blitz parties are fun and extremely popular, with themed events all over the country. There’s no rule that says you can’t have one of your own.


This is forties style partying that’s guaranteed to be great fun, they’re popular with both young and old and especially those with a real enthusiasm for the forties era. Think celebrating the end of the war in style.


Forties garb is a must, with beautifully fitted tea dresses, perfect Cupid bow red lips and prettily coiffured hair styled in whichever way you like, victory roll, bangs, or wavy shoulder length hair with a side parting, think Lauren Bacall.


Nipped in waists, shoulder pads and nylons are a must. Well, tights then, but if you’re aiming for an authentic look, nylons, as they were known, or stockings, were a staple of forties fashion. Army hats and plenty of khaki green will go down well too. If you’re hosting, then play some forties music, or hire a band that’ll give an authentic vibe to the evening. Forties food is even more fun.

Fifties sock hop party vintage Parties

If you’re looking confused right now, then let me explain.

A sock hop party was a sponsored dance in high schools across America, they would take their shoes off in order to protect the floor of their local school hall or gym. It was the time of the emerging teenager, rock and roll, transistor radios, and Elvis Presley.


There could be a DJ, a live band with lively music and of course, plenty of dancing.
Think candy colours, pastels, short knee-length flared skirts and tight sweaters. Petticoats are worn underneath, showing just beneath the hem. Polka dots or patterns, or simply plain. If you go with plain then look for shiny satin, match with tight-fitting tops with wide necks, three-quarter length sleeves and hair worn in a high ponytail.Finally, flat lace up shoes with ankle socks, or pedal pushers with black heeled pumps. Match your style with fifties style party decorations, party food and music.

Swinging sixties vintage Parties

Do you remember the sixties? If you do, then perhaps you weren’t having enough fun, that’s what some believe, but if you do remember, you’ll also remember how you used to dress. An authentic swinging sixties party will be all about the music and dress. Transistor radios and record players with PVC boots, hot pants, Mary Quant miniskirts and psychedelic patterns. Crocheted mini dresses, shiny knee-length boots in white and loudly coloured tops, are the uniform of a sixties swinger. The men’s shirts are even louder – wear shades, should your partner decide to wear one.

Music and dress

If you’re doing a sixties vintage theme party – music and dress are the most important aspect – the dancing isn’t. Turn to YouTube for some ideas on how they danced – and then erase it from your mind for ever. Sixties dancing was something akin to being possessed by a dead relative and throwing your upper body around with gay abandon.

If you’re unsure of any aspect of your decade for vintage Parties – then go to your local vintage store, where you should be headed anyway, if you want an authentic look, and ask. And finally, enjoy. Happy New Year!




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