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50s pin up clothing – 1950s Pin Up Style – dresses, hair, makeup

August 21, 2014

A popular and iconic era for 50s pin up clothing is the 1950’s pin up look.Early pin up girls included famous screen sirens such as Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe.These women oozed sex appeal and confidence and the style of the era gave a sense of empowerment to the wearer.

During the 1950’s other styles of pin up looks emerged including American rockabilly inspirations.50s pin up clothing featured dresses which accentuated curves matching impeccable hair and makeup to compliment this attention grabbing style.Modern day pin up examples now include alternative and burlesque looks that all have gorgeous 50’s style inspirations.

50s pin up girls

50s pin up girls

The perfect 50s pin up clothing look

The perfect 1950’s look balances elegance and natural beauty whilst accentuating your curves is a sophisticated yet sexy way.This style gave women the chance to explore fashion and sexuality whilst radiating femininity and strength in a male dominated world.

Many ladies that love to recreate this look, take on board the whole look rather than just the clothing. Everything from hair styling, makeup application and striking outfits produce the perfect 1950’s pin up look. 50s pin up look clothing is readily available to help you achieve this inspiring look so choosing your specific 50’s style is the hardest part.Statement 1950’s vintage pin up style dresses are the easiest way to pull off this fabulous look. Styles include sexy wiggle dresses, popular prom styles, cut pinafore dresses and elegant eveningwear examples.

Take a look at these gorgeous 1950’s dress examples and choose your favourite style:

Vintage Prom style dress

This dress style is a popular choice amongst many 50s pin up clothing enthusiasts as it compliments any silhouette.This dress style comes in a variety of necklines to create a beautiful vintage look.Prom style dresses are also a popular choice for bridal gowns too.

50s pin up girl

50s pin up girl

Vintage Wiggle Style Dress

Many screen sirens that loved to show off their curves wore the ultimate figure enhancer, the wiggle dress.These tight, figure bodycon dress styles are something for women who have tons of body confidence.

1950s Pin-Up Style Red Wiggle Style Dress

1950s Pin-Up Style Red Wiggle Style Dress

Vintage Pinafore Style Dress

This style dress is perfect for a casual 1950’s look.Taken from American rockabilly styles, create the look with washed vintage denim and retro converse for the perfect pretty look.

50s Pin Up Style Pinafore Style Dress

50s Pin Up Style Pinafore Style Dress

Vintage Eveningwear Style Dress

Gorgeous off the shoulder style dresses are popular with celebrities such as Dita Von Teese.Low cut necklines and glamourous style is the essence of this elegant dress.Pair this dress style with pretty jewels, killer heels and striking lipstick for classic diva style.

1950s Style Red Vintage Eveningwear Dress

1950s Style Red Vintage Evening-wear Dress


It is super easy to recreate your favourite vintage looks and revive the perfect 1950’s vintage pin-up style.


Images courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons