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The fifties dress variations wide skirt and the slim line dress

February 18, 2015

Mad Men, a TV series about advertising in the fifties, did a lot for the wide skirt the fifties dress and pony tail. The wide skirt and the slim line dress were both popular in the fifties. The first offered a demure and unthreatening flirty look and the second giving the woman phenomenally sexy curves.


Do you prefer the slim line dress or the wide skirt dress?

Which one you favour is entirely up to you, whether you prefer a wide skirt and flat shoe, or a wiggle dress and a high heel. Both are equally striking and equally attractive. Both were popular, and the fifties dress look ranged from a demure and polite, safe look of, perhaps a Peggy Olson, or a sex siren Joan Harris with curves in all the right places.

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1950s dresses in stock

What is a wiggle dress and why the “wiggle?”

The wiggle dress as it was known, was called that for a reason, with the width of the hem much narrow than the hips, meaning that it became tighter at the bottom towards the calves, meaning you wiggled as you walked, hence the name. This is the essential difference between a wiggle dress and the simple fifties dress, as it’s often difficult to ascertain what is an actual authentic wiggle dress from this period. Keep this in mind when searching for one and you shouldn’t go far wrong, whether it’s retro or authentic fifties.

Sexy and confident choice

As the tightness of the fifties dress affected how people walked, it wasn’t necessarily the most comfortable of garments, but then nothing in fashion ever is. Although the wiggle dress with slim skirt and tight bodice is a sexy and confident choice, it is still classy rather than trashy, with a demure neckline and defined waist. Although it’s tight, it reveals nothing.

The fifties dress – Fuller skirt and tight bodice

The The fifties dress with a fuller skirt certainly got you noticed even if it wasn’t quite as tight as the slimline version. As an evening dress it’s the perfect accompaniment to well-chosen accessories and well groomed hair. It’s dress of authority and haughty arrogance, the hostess with all the right moves, but always polite with a certain distance.

The fifties dress – Vamp it up

You can vamp The fifties dress up, the wide skirt dress doesn’t have to be demure if you don’t want it to be. It can be dressed up with bold lip colour, shiny hair, up or down, but add the glamour with matching accessories, including a sophisticated pair of kitten heels. A wide circular skirt dress is better with lower heels, but kitten heels are no less sexy. A plain, bold colour with off the shoulder bodice is stunning.

wide 1950's dresses

wide 1950’s dresses

And the wiggle dress wins…by a mile

However, for me the wiggle dress wins hands down, it demands confidence, a good walk (even with a slightly altered gait) and the fifties dress demure neckline matched by a respectable hemline deceives, the nuances of the breast and waist highlighted in tight fabric, traveling down the thighs and ending at the knees. It covers yet it reveals – simultaneously.


The The fifties dress the ultimate in fashion mischief, giving the illusion of modesty, but sending out signals of pure sex siren. Worn with high heeled pumps, a red pout and an updo that tries to be tidy but tousles disobediently, and it’s the perfect outfit for making an impact.


There are vintage fifties dresses on Blue17 and you can take a look at leisure and browse in your own good time. Whether you choose a wiggle dress or a wide skirted dress is neither here nor there, just wear The fifties dress with attitude.