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wide circle vintage skirts

February 6, 2015

Wide circle vintage skirts.have never lost their popularity and it’s easy to see why. They’re flattering to the fuller figure, for those with wider hips and tummies, and hide a multitude of sins. Unlike the narrower skirt that was also popular around this time, the wider skirt fitted in all the right places with its carefully cut waistline and circular bottom.

Different skirts for different people

They took a variety of different names and varied in style, there was the poodle skirt, the tiered, the dirndl, gathered and pleated. You could wear your vintage wide circle skirts in any way you wanted. They weren’t as bulky as they looked, although the tiered skirts would naturally have more bulk due to the amount of layers and petticoats.

Materials used were usually cotton and wool – some came with pictures on such as animals, musical instruments or famous buildings.

1950's wide circle poodle skirt

1950’s wide circle poodle skirt

Gathered wide circle vintage skirts

Gathered skirt wide circle vintage skirts naturally used more fabric to allow for the gathers, and was taken in at the waistband – it had a thick waistband that helped to give more curves for those with smaller hips and flowed out beautifully.
Pleated was popular and pleats are really on trend this year. During the fifties they were a big favourite of Christian Dior. Pleats were thick or narrow, but naturally a lot of fabric was needed.

wide circle skirt on dress

wide circle skirt on dress

Tiered skirts had plenty of fabric and were extremely wide at the bottom and had plenty of more flounce on it than a gathered skirt.


The dirndl skirt was fashionable during the 50s and 60s and derived its name from an outfit worn by both the Germans and Austrians, it also forms part of traditional Tyrolean dress. It was simply a wide circular skirt, knee-length with a waistband. It was worn by Austrian servants as far back as the 19th century, but naturally they would have been longer during this period.

vintage 1960s blue & white panelled dirndl skirt, lace insets

vintage 1960s blue & white panelled dirndl skirt, lace insets

Aren’t all wide circle vintage skirts the same really?

You could argue that all wide skirts are the same regardless of the name, but there were subtle differences in length and degree of material used and the amount of flare in the body of the skirt, as well as the shape and width of the waistband.

vintage 50s green velvet Skirt

vintage 50s green velvet Skirt

1950s vintage skirts always bang on trend

Although vintage fashion is never dictated by what’s on the catwalk and makes its own rules, wide skirts were seen here and there in different fabrics and patterns for spring and summer for 2015. They were also popular for the previous year. However, regardless of whether they’re wearing them on the catwalk or on the high street, if you’re a vintage diva, then you’re not going to be influenced by the dictates of the latest fashions, but by your own inimitable style.

1950s Vintage Giraffe print full circle skirt from

1950s Vintage Giraffe print full circle skirt from

Take a look at our 1950s vintage skirts and pick up your summer wardrobe

If you’re looking to wear a wider skirt this summer, then you wouldn’t go far wrong by looking at the vast selection at Blue17. The wide, circular skirt is worthy of a renaissance every summer and the different colours, fabrics, lengths and waistbands on our skirts are enough to give you an appetite for them.

How do you wear wide circle vintage skirts?

Choose well and pick colours that will match what you have in your existing wardrobe, ballet flats or modest kitten heels are a must, with tees and short-sleeved blouses. Accessories with a great bag and jacket and you’re good to go. Make your own fashion rules and get something truly original and unique at Blue17 with one of our wide circle vintage skirts.



1950s fashion wide circle skirts