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90s Dress Accessories

February 20, 2018

The 90s called for more simplicity than the 80s, and paid homage to darker trends spurred by the outbreak of heavy metal and rock music. Accessories in the 90s were popular, but the 80s trends of colorful bracelets and bright pink leg warmers were a thing of the past. The 90s were all about darker accessories, from brown lip shades to burgundy flannels. We’re here to help you style 90s Dress Accessories

Embrace Dark Colors and Simple 90s Dress Accessories

Blue17 90s empire line cream dress


Emilie is rocking a 90s empire line cream dress with silver and gold 90s pumps. What is great about this look is the minimalism she is embracing – not trying too hard to overcrowd her outfit with 90s dress accessories like the 80s would have called for. Her darker lip shade is an ode to the decade, as plums and browns and deep red colors made a strong comeback and helped make lighter colored outfits more edgy. To spruce up your outfit, you could add a black choker to the mix. Chokers were all the rage in the 90s, and give 90s dresses a more youthful twist.

 90s Dress Accessories – Bring Back the Doc Marten

Tired of heels? You can add a more masculine twist to your 90s dress accessories by swapping your heels for a pair of class 90s Doc Martens. The grunge shoe will add character to your outfit. Not to mention, they are more way more comfortable than a pesky heel!


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