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The Quirky 70s Maxi Dress You Can’t Resist

April 28, 2018

The 70s Maxi Dress

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1970s maxi dresses were all about comfort and style. In the OG hipster era, women rocked ethereal earthy tones and groovy patterned pieces. The 70s hipster look is a timeless vibe, one that is constantly inspiring and transcends decades. At Blue17, we’ve got heaps of chic 70s dresses, including the quirky 70s maxi dress that you’ve never known you needed until now.

Comfortable, Cool, and Chic

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Selin loves her quirky 70s maxi dresses, complete with intriquite patterns and large sleeves for comfort. This dress is perfect for a winter stroll through the shops (perfect with black tights and dark rugged boots) or a springtime fling in the park. What’s great about this 70s maxi dress is that it’s so lightweight and versatile, it can be worn in multiple seasons and for multiple occasions. It may seem like the perfect prairie dress, but this outfit doesn’t need to be restricted to the country. A cool city chick like you can pull off this look in London with ease. Match it with a cute head scarf or jeweled choker and your look is complete.


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