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Womens Vintage Ponchos

March 29, 2015

After being forced to wear a hand crocheted poncho, I promised I’d never wear one again. However, I’ve been persuaded otherwise and I’ve joined the rest of the crowd, eager to get their hands on the latest trend in Womens Vintage Ponchos.

Vintage Ponchos for Women

However, even if you’re not into fashion and you really don’t care about whether anything you wear is in fashion, or whether your colours or so last season, you may still feel tempted to buy one anyway, unless of course you already have one tucked away in your closet.

Poncho - Mexican style-Womens Vintage Ponchos

Poncho – Mexican style

Versatility – Womens Vintage Ponchos

A poncho is a versatile piece of clothing and can be worn with just about anything. Having said that you do have to be careful if you decide to wear it with a skirt, it can create a quite a bulky silhouette if you’re not careful.


But if this is about doing things your way and not always following key trends, and you like wearing a poncho, then wear it in any way you like. Of course, if you have height, then it’s more than likely you’ll be able to get away with far more drapes and layers than shorties such as myself.

Andean inspired poncho-Womens Vintage Ponchos

Andean inspired poncho

Historical garb and all weather protector

The versatility of Womens vintage ponchos has given them a place in history, on a cowboy, on a Mexican, where perhaps it’s best recognised, on peasant women to help keep the body protected from the weather.


It’s most famous in South and Central America, with the cape and then the cloak, with their different lengths, having been around in Europe since the middle ages.


Who can forget Clint Eastwood flinging his poncho to one side and Dracula running around in that shiny cape of his? But let’s not get too carried away, we’re almost in cape territory here.

Some Mexican inspired patterns

Some Mexican inspired patterns

Wear Womens Vintage Ponchos anyway you like

As a fashion statement, there’s no cooler look than a pair of faded blue jeans, a white tee headed off with a poncho. It’s easy to just throw on, it hangs effortlessly on the shoulders, giving plenty of opportunity to show off some sun kissed shoulder blades.You can wear it with denim shorts, giving the illusion of nothing-but-the poncho, while finishing off with western or knee high boots on the ends of tanned legs.


If you do want to give a healthy nod to fashion then you can make sure your Womens vintage poncho is either in powder blue, or tangerine – this season’s colours.


You may favour a pattern, and if this is the case, then make sure that whatever else you’re wearing isn’t. Too many patterns, especially with a longer skirt could spell disaster.Go for thin stripes finishing off with a fringe, or a few subtle shapes or colours that blend in nicely with whatever else you’re wearing.


You can clash your colours even if you can’t clash your patterns too much and with different shades of one colour, or one or two completely different colours with Womens Vintage Ponchos will make for a distinctive look.


Handbags of course are the bane of a poncho wearer, they can sometimes be difficult to carry, if you like your handbags on your shoulder. Which means basically, that you have to carry them like doctors bags. That’s fine if you’re used to it, but it feels a tad unnatural to others.


Basically, you can wear Womens vintage ponchos for simply knocking around the house, or gardening. You can throw it on for a Barbie or for a late night rendezvous on the beach. And of course ,womens Vintage Ponchos are even better with better colour and pattern combos from bygone eras when manufacturing was better than it is today. So go hunting for womens vintage ponchos and find yourself a diamond in the rough.


A poncho, Clint Eastwood style

A vintage poncho with a 60s vibe