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Womens Vintage Tops are essential for your vintage inspired outfit

February 5, 2015

Womens vintage tops are an essential part of putting your vintage inspired outfit together. Vintage evening tops come in chiffon, silk, lace or velvet, with a dash of beading or a twinkle of sequins to catch the light. Vintage daytime tops can be in cotton, polyester, lurex or wool.

Vintage Tops for Women

You can change your style of Womens Vintage Tops as you change your mood – one day, a Seventies Chick with a colourful floral polyester shirt, to pair with your flares and platform boots. Wear unbuttoned at the neck, and stride about like one of Charlie’s Angels.


The next day you might want to play a demure Forties secretary, and wear a feminine silk blouse, with tiny mother of pearl buttons buttoned right up to the collar. Pair with a tweedy pencil skirt and some sensible low shoes.


For a 70's look

For a 70’s

All Kinds

Vintage tops, like contemporary ones, come in all kinds. Even within a decade, there are several styles and colours to choose from, because then as now, women had different body shapes and sizes, suited different things, and had different tastes.

Womens Vintage Tops-Crazy print ruffled 70's blouse

Crazy print ruffled 70’s blouse


Womens Vintage Tops-Red & Blue corset

Red & Blue corset

Examples of Womens Vintage Tops

To take a random example of a decade – the Fifties. You can picture the Sweater Girl, in her tight, knitted top with a pointy bra underneath it. She might wear that with Capri pants and ballet flats. But the same girl also liked to wear a looser, “Sloppy Joe” sweater for a more casual look, perhaps with jeans.


If a jumper was too hot in the summer, she might wear a sleeveless fitted blouse in a cute check pattern. But for work her blouse would be more formal, with sleeves and no pattern.

Different Styles

In the evening, if she wasn’t wearing a prom dress with flouncy full skirts and a fitted, strapless bodice, she might still wear a strapless bodice, but with satin evening Capri pants or a skirt. At the beach, to exercise in or to be really casual, this girl might wear a t-shirt or vest. And that’s just some of the options for a teenager or girl in her twenties! And it’s also before getting into different fabrics, patterns, variations in shape, trim, and detail, and the difference in style in different country. So you can see, there’s a lot of womens vintage tops to choose from.

What Kind of Womens Vintage Tops are for me?

As ever, it’s totally your choice. Choose casual, elegant or quirky. Make sure the garment is in good condition before you buy, and double check sizes – vintage sizing is very variable, and on top of that of course remember an American size ten is more like a British size fourteen. So go on measurements, not label sizes if possible.


Also, don’t forget to check men’s vintage tops! There are a lot of cool t-shirts and vest, crisp white cotton dinner shirts, and groovy Hawaiian shirts to choose from, so don’t miss out by just browsing the lady’s section. And don’t forget, you can also customize your top for a truly unique item of clothing – add sequins, crop with scissors, alter it with your sewing machine. Just play around with different options until you find the perfect top for you.



demure secretary style

A sweater girl

Sloppy joe sweater- photographed by John French