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Jane Birkin Movie style icon

January 27, 2015

If you think you’ve been inundated recently with film star glamour that’s purely for the curvaceous, then perhaps the style of Jane Birkin might be more up your street. This is the English actress with oodles of French style, the androgynous figure and gamine features, so if you’re looking for a relaxed, more Gallic look, then Birkin could be the way to go.

Jane Birkin-the Basket bags and Hermes

Like Grace Kelly, Birkin had a Hermes bag named after her in 1984, but she was first seen dressed casually with a basket on her arm, yes you heard, a basket. This look was seen all over the world and suddenly, everyone wanted a basket, those little bags that your grandmother would have carried the shopping home in.

Jane Birkin – English girl, French style

Jane Birkin’s relaxed style and beautiful smile was enough to make Serge Gaisnbourg fall in love with her and they would be a formidable pair throughout the 60s and 70s. Like most French women, Jane Birkin would dress as if she’d made no effort at all, sloppy clothes thrown together with bedhead hair that looked as if it hadn’t seen a comb. However, Birkin always looked stunning.


Jane Birkin had French style but in many ways was similar to Kate Moss’ style today, a relaxed attainable look with clothes that were well chosen to suit her frame. A look that any woman could aspire too, without being too expensive or unrealistic for everyday budgets. Birkin wasn’t high maintenance, it was chic, cool and relaxed.

Minimal and fresh

Accessories were minimal, with perhaps a simple gold chain, with baggy denim or linen trousers, crop tops, tennis shoes, the early precursor to Converse trainers, worn with jeans and trousers. Jane Birkin’s dresses were simple, shift dresses matched with heels or flats and again, minimal makeup and accessories.


Floppy hats went well with Jane Birkin’s long hair and were matched by jeans or dresses. Grecian draped dresses were worn for an evening out, jumpers were loose and worn long or short with wide leg trousers. Sweater dresses showed off Jane Birkin’s slim figure perfectly and boyish frame was perfectly suited to vest tops worn with faded jeans.

Keep it simple and uncomplicated

For Jane Birkin style think uncomplicated, putting together clothes that you can relax in, separates that have soft lines and not too much bulk. Clean fresh skin with barely there lip gloss, pale is interesting, so leave the tan at home. The hair is carefree with little in the way of complicated up dos or heavy duty hair accessories or extensions. Keep it free and loose and let it fly around your shoulders.

Jane Birkin – Encore uncomplicated

You should be relaxed and comfortable in your own skin, it takes an inner confidence to dress like Birkin, to have a devil-may-care attitude that’s cheeky and tomboyish, while sensuous and feminine all at the same time. The gamine features are a stark contrast to the boyish outfits worn beneath them.


If you have a boyish slim figure like Jane Birkin and you like to dress casually, yet stylishly, then Birkin cool could be just right for you. Look out for bargains in vintage stores, and vintage All Saints and denim are a must. Dress down not up, and keep it simple. Birkin still dresses with the same unique style, freshly scrubbed face, with sloppy easy wear clothes that make her look every bit as stylish as she did at 20. It’s a style that never loses its charm.




straw bags

Hermes Bag

jane birkin-serge gainsbourg-1970

Serge Gainsbourg-Jane Birkin-1969


at the American Film Festival, 1985

jane birkin-hermes birkin bag 2013