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Get Ready to Party 90s Style

April 19, 2018

Get Ready to Party 90s Style

90s evening dress


Ready to put your best foot forward and party 90s style? We’ve got your back.90s evening dresses were classy and easy-to-slip-on. In the era of grunge and rock, you wouldn’t have found a lot of patterns and multi-colored dresses, and that’s because this incredible decade was all about embracing darker colors and simplicity in evening wear.


90s evening dresses

90s evening dresses


Keep it Minimal and Effortless

1990s fashion brought about a return to minimalism – a stark contrast from the flashy and bold staples of the 1980s. As fashion became more and more globalized, trends started to spread from continent to continent – one of them being classy and streamlined party dresses. Seline loves her 90s blue party dress and black beaded top. Both pieces are sold separately, but go well together to help keep the look modest and classy. Seline decided on a chunky pearl necklace to add a strong finishing touch to the overall look. Pearls are never outdated, and fit perfectly with her evening wear attire. Ready to shop our selection of beautiful evening looks?

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