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Have You Bought Vintage Clothing Online? Here’s How To Style It

March 23, 2024

In past decades, different fashion trends and styles have evolved, and shopping vintage clothing online is still the favourite mode to shop of fashionistas today. Aside fr0m being sustainable, vintage fashion is unique. From plain chiffon to tartan dresses, vintage trends evoke a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity. While you can dress in vintage shorts and a blouse and kill it, you can get more creative in many other ways.


To rock a vintage clothing look online by making creative fusions, you should follow these helpful tips:

●      A bit of research

Second hand thrift store clothing

Second hand thrift store clothing.
Author: MAKY.OREL, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

First, you should decide on the era you want your collection of vintage for. You might also combine two periods to create a unique circular fashion style you absolutely love. The point is to have a picture of what look you want to make.


Based on the era(s) you want to dress like, you should hand pick Vintage Clothing Online for the fashion icons of that era(s). Designer vintage is frequently worn by fashion icons who are are usually actors, musicians, models, or other on-air personalities. If you’re considering a 50’s glam girl look, you might want to look up icons like Marilyn Monroe. The main reason to look to fashion icons of your desired era is to get fashion inspiration with current trends.


Another aspect of research, to inspire you on what vintage fashions to put together, is watching movies and TV shows from those eras and the designer vintage clothing worn. Try to watch movies based on the era you plan to recreate with your style. You could watch movies like Bridgerton to get ideas for a Regency-era look. It doesn’t matter if the film was shot recently or in the original era, as long as the actors dress according to the era. For example, you can watch a 2020 movie with a plot set in the 1940s if you’re considering a 40s-era look.


●      Don’t forget other details.

Second hand thrift store clothing - Vintage style tea dresses at Blue17

Vintage style tea dresses at Blue17

Aside from the outfit itself, other aspects define the style of an era. All of these seemingly minor aspects affect the final look; missing them might leave you unable to perfectly create an era’s look to a style that you absolutely love.


These other details include the jewellery, makeup, and footwear of a certain era. Just as each era has peculiar cloth styles, particular accessories and other details define these looks.


So, while you shop for vintage clothing online looking for skirts and gowns, don’t forget to shop for shoes if you want to recreate an era’s style.


●      Try dyeing

Second hand thrift store clothing - Close up of Womens Nike Tie Dye Tshirt

Close up of Womens Nike Tie Dye Tshirt

It’s always better to hand pick clothes you can dye into colours- you’ll be amazed at how different a pair of pre-worn Calvin Klein jeans can look when you dye it to full shade.


This is an essential hack when you want to change your vintage clothing bought online from the era it represents to a different one. For instance, when you have a light-wash pair of denim shorts and you want to create a 2000s era with a darker wash, you can dye it instead of getting another one.


The cost of dyeing your clothes is significantly less than getting new ones, vintage or not.


●      Don’t be afraid to remake with Vintage Clothing Online

Levis Patchwork Vintage Denim

Staff photographer for the Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

No rule says you can’t remake your vintage pieces from an online store to fit a particular era’s  period fashions and produce your own collection of vintage circular fashion. Feel free to change the appearance of your vintage clothing, whether or not you just bought it.


To convert your regular jeans into the crazy jeans of the mid-2000s, you can rip them yourself. If you’re unsure of your sewing skills, you can always watch helpful videos on YouTube and magazine articles. In the same vein, you can turn your top into a crop top to combine it with flared pants to create another era’s fashion style.


●      Invest in dresses

1950s cotton print dresses with wide circle skirts on display in Storefront at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm, 1957

1950s cotton print dresses with wide circle skirts on display in Storefront at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm, 1957

While vintage clothing bought online, shorts and skirts might help you achieve an authentic period look, they may require more effort to style. Dresses make it easier for you to create your  circular fashion style in a way you absolutely love.


If you’re going for any era between the 1920s and 1950s, you can create a unique look that you love with knee-length or foot-length gowns. All you have to do to distinguish the era you have in mind is styling it accordingly. For a 1950s look, you can incorporate halter necks or sweetheart necklines with lace hemlines and cuffs.


Another reason to choose authentic era gowns over blouses and skirts is that they can be more versatile. You can combine the same vintage dress with different footwear and accessories to create looks of two eras.


Vintage Clothing Online – Conclusion

The style of the era you have in mind determines what and what you mix and match for your favourite periods. However, with the highlighted tips, you can rock your collection of favourite vintage clothes bought in online stores more flawlessly.