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What Are the Best Charity Shops In the UK For Vintage?

October 1, 2023

What Are the Best Charity Shops in the UK: In search of affordable and stylish vintage outfits this 2023, here are the best charity shops in the UK to patronize.

When people began calling out large fashion corporations for engaging in child and slave labor in their factories, the fashion trend turned positively to the once-neglected fashion industry, the charity shops.


Charity shops are fashion stores that sell donated second-hand goods¹ to raise money for children. They offer good, quality outfits for cheap, and if you are a fan of thrift³ pieces, their items will be an absolute delight to your fashion needs as thousands of vintage pieces will catch your eye.


Yet, with a charity store seemingly on every corner in London, the sheer variety may be bewildering. For this reason, here is a must-read guide to getting the most out of the Charity shops² in the UK


What are the best charity shops in the uk – The Salvation Army, Hackney

what are the best charity shops in the uk - Dont Forget the Salvation Army

Dont Forget the Salvation Army.
Photo: Columbus Metropolitan Library, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The Salvation Army in Hackney is an absolute delight run by a few lovely ladies. It is a top charity shop that runs amazing old-school jumble sales on their wares. This Charity store is one of the pioneers of Charity shopping in the UK.


Although most donations come from the church, others come from their neighboring communities and willing celebrities. They have a wide range of outfits as their endless rails of clothing stretch throughout their store. Thus, you have a limitless option of clothing, dresses, scarves, hats, boots, and heels. The Salvation Army is the foundation and usually the first store for charity shopping for beginners.

What are the best charity shops in the uk – British Heart Foundation, Balham

British Heart Foundation, North Street

British Heart Foundation, North Street by Basher Eyre, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Balham is littered with Charity shops, but the British Heart Foundation stands out as one of the best for many reasons. The British heart foundation is located at 184 Balham High Road, Balham, London, UK, SW12 9BW. It is home to a wide range of new and second-hand items. There you can see various clothing, shoes, and accessories to books, toys, and homeware. The British Heart Foundation is home to bougie fashion magpies that love shopping on a budget.


Guess what? They are home to amazing greeting cards for numerous occasions. Their pretty pin badges and various small gifts save you a lot of time. When shopping, we advise you to go for their almost-new Cos, which cost half of the new ones. Let’s add their viny homewares that are perfect for your Pinterest ideas that you may want to recreate.

Cancer Research, UK

ancer Research UK Shop

ancer Research UK Shop

In many Charity shops, a barely worn pair of designer shoes or a Lanvin dress might seem newsworthy. However, it’s not the case in this Charity store. We understand every Charity store is worth one or two hours of rummaging, but every time spent in Cancer Research, UK, is worth it.


Stationed at 24 Marylebone High Street, Marylebone, London, this store is exceptionally filled with some of the finest and newest fashion pieces that can turn every neck. A little birdie told us that celebrities like Kate Moss have donated some of their wardrobe collections here, and let’s not forget the hefty donations of the neighboring Londoners. Shopping here is an absolute steal as there are many cocktail dresses and even cashmere wear.

What are the best charity shops in the uk – Fara Kids, Chiswick

As kids rapidly outgrow their outfits every month, parents must make conscious decisions to take some measures that will help save some money and also keep their kids in style. With drool-free children’s outfits that cost as little as 50p, Fara Kids Chiswick is included in the selection of what are the best charity shops in the uk. Located at 40 Turnham Green Terrace London, the charity shop is one of London’s most visited fashion stores. From their lovely staff to their beautiful fashion pieces and reasonable prices, who wouldn’t want a piece from this store?


Words from many mouths state that the gems are usually in the kid’s section. You will desire to have almost all the outfits in the kids’ closet! The charity store regards itself as the best spot for moms who believe in sustainable fashion and stylish outfits. The place is known for its high ceilings and white-washed panel walls with different second-hand toys, designer outfits, and high street clothing for kids loitering around. It is easy to locate as it is located near the Turnham Green station, which is almost near their general store that caters to adults and children alike.

Mary’s Living & Giving Primrose Hill

570px - Mary's Living and Giving Shop, Fulham Road, Chelsea

Mary’s Living and Giving Shop, Fulham Road,
Edward Hands, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

When you mention what are the best charity shops in the uk that offer thrift³ and vintage fashion pieces and also donate their proceeds to raise funds for kids, Mary’s Living & Giving Shop for Save the Children in Primrose Hill tops the list. With a long name and a large heart for giving, this Charity store is known for its beautiful second-hand designer outfits that are rarely seen in other stores.


Stationed at 109 Regents Park Road, Primrose Hill, London, this store is a candy shop for lovers of designer wear. Owned by Mary Portas, a woman who single-handedly transformed upmarket charity shopping in the UK, her charity shop feartures in our guide to what are the best charity shops in the uk. Although her customers may not thank her for the recent hike in price, the children benefiting from her “Save the Children” mission says otherwise.


Primrose Hill stands out with many branches all over the UK for its carefully curated outfits, ambiance, and beautiful Narnia-style changing room. Bless the heavens on the day you visit. You might be lucky to see Victoria Beckham with a truckload worth of her donations.

Oxfam, Dalston

Oxfam logo

Oxfam logo.
Edward Hands, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

We’ve listed enough clothing charity stores,in this article about what are the best charity shops in the uk but this next one would interest bookworms. Located at Bookshop Bloomsbury St, this Oxfam store has maintained its legacy as one of London’s best charity stores for clean and well-priced second-hand books. As with other Oxfam stores all around the UK, this is unarguably the best. If you are willing to browse their racks for a few hours, move down Tottenham Court Road and walk a bit, and the sight of one of the most fantastic bookshops in the whole of London will welcome you.


They have a huge collection of books on different topics ranging from fiction to nonfiction. Their ever-helpful workers are willing to help you navigate their endless section of books. The serene environment allows you to browse their catalog and discover authors you might have never heard of.