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What Is An Online Vintage Thrift Store UK?

August 21, 2023

What Is An Online Vintage Thrift Store in the UK and which Is the Best Online Vintage Thrift Store UK to shop from? : Here are some of the best online UK vintage thrift stores for the best retro, indie, and Y2K outfits this 2023.




The epidemic’s effects are still being felt with a particular influence on fashion as thrifting has grown significantly in popularity, and Y2K fashion has followed suit. This sudden rise in purchasing from local charity shops in the UK stemmed from a trend traced back to the pandemic.


During those times, people tended to seek solace in familiarity and nostalgia for their youth. Everybody, especially Gen Z, spent their time finding old treasures from older periods, whether by scrounging through their parents’ closets or browsing racks of apparel at Goodwill.


If you want to keep up with the latest Y2K fashion trends or are simply looking to consider a sustainable form of fashion, here are the best online vintage thrift stores¹ in the UK.

What Is An Online Vintage Thrift Store UK?

What Is An Online Vintage Thrift Store UK - photographs showing the Westchester County Thrift Shop

Cornell University Library, No restrictions, via Wikimedia Commons

An online vintage thrift² store is an online fashion store that deals wholly or partially in vintage and thrift, Vintage, indie, Y2K, retro outfits, homeware, or/and accessories.

What are the Best Online Vintage Thrift Stores in the UK

Here are 5 of the best online vintage thrift stores in the UK.


If you live in the UK and patronize online fashion stores regularly, you’ve ordered one or two things from Depop. Depop is unarguably home to vintage and thrift fashion in the UK. It is a fashion marketplace that houses unique clothing, and its simplified interface allows users to search for anything in seconds.


This online platform is home to vintage and designer collections and caters largely to streetwear, one-of-a-kind, and Y2K fashion. We call it the online version of searching your parent’s closet for clothes. The best part of shopping on Depop is there is something for everyone regardless of their budget, and their home delivery services are second to none.

What Is An Online Vintage Thrift Store UK – HEWI (also known as Hardly Ever Worn It)

If you need second-hand designer wear that still comes with its tag, log onto Hewi to feed your eyes. Hewi is home to designer brands like Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. Based in Marylebone, HEWI is a leading pioneer who has continually provided top-notch customer service for buyers and sellers on their platforms.


Although they do not wholly deal in vintage wear, as a fraction of their products is fast fashion, they are still a global household name. They have catered to a majority of celebrities as vintage powerhouses.

What Is An Online Vintage Thrift Store UK – Open for Vintage

Open for Vintage is another discovery for preloved designer pieces. Founded in 2015, this online thrift store is one of the prestigious boutiques. Unlike other stores that seek to take out charity shops in the UK, Open for Vintage intends to support these physical stores and help encourage vintage luxury style in the fashion industry.


They also possess independent stores all around the UK. Every piece you purchase has passed through the skillful hands of fashion experts who perform quality checks and authenticate every listed product.

Retold Vintage

Owned by Clare Lewis and Established in 2018, Retold Vintage is another vintage household store for women who love to add a bit of Vintage to their modern aesthetics. This vintage store is special, unlike others, as the owner, Clare, who once worked as a fashion designer in the fast fashion industry, incorporates special values into the store.


After seeing how fast fashion corrodes the earth, pollutes the landfills, and promotes child labor and slavery, Clare chose to reignite her love for sustainable and second-hand fashion that does not cater to the negative side of the fashion industry by creating Retold Vintage.

My Vintage

Developed in 2004, My Vintage is one of the oldest online thrift stores for residents in the UK. Founders Emma and Simon have worked tirelessly to ensure My Vintage becomes a recognized thrift store by providing a huge catalog of stocks from the 50s down to the 00s.


Their physical store at Darwen, Lancashire, is a time capsule as there are various vintage and designer vintage, the 50s, and indie accessories. Their vintage collectibles and homeware are to die for, and the best part is their stick changes regularly, so you always have a fresh new batch of thrift² wears to rummage through.

What Is An Online Vintage Thrift Store UK – How to pick out the best vintage outfit?

Lance Cpl. Lauren Lusignan, volunteers at the at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii Thrift Shop

Lance Cpl. Lauren Lusignan, volunteers at the at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii Thrift Shop
Photo: Lance Cpl. Adam Korolev, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

With millions of outfits online, choosing a vintage outfit can be quite difficult as one can be overwhelmed by the vast number of choices. Here are our best tips that make picking easier:

●      Check the quality and integrity of the outfit.

Preloved and second-hand items are known to have at least one tear here and there due to the mistakes of their previous owners. Ensure you check for unrepairable tears and pick outfits in pristine condition.

●      Stay away from stained outfits.

We understand you might have found your perfect vintage thrift outfit online, but that stain once again seems to be putting you off. We advise you to drop that outfit and choose another, as stained outfits are difficult to clean. Even though you seek professional help, you might not be able to get that stain off.

●      Choose outfits that go with your daily outfit.

As a novice thrifter, you are bound to need clarification when starting with online vintage thrift stores in the UK. Do I buy more skirts, tops, or shoes? Do I get fewer scarves or hats? What do I buy first? We recommend you buy vintage dresses that can be combined with your daily work or play outfits—a simple blazer to go with your corporate wear or sports shoes if you jog regularly.