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Where to Buy Cheap Second Hand Clothes Online: Top 7 UK Stores

November 27, 2023

Explore where to buy cheap second hand clothes online with our guide to the top 7 UK thrift stores, blending style and affordability.


Fashion has a wide scope which can be examined from different viewpoints ranging from catwalks, streetwear swags, thrift to designer apparel. The thrift sector plays an important role in bridging the gap between all other sectors in the fashion industry. In the thrift market, you can get secondhand streetwear outfits, vintage clothes and even designer items at all cheap and affordable prices.


As the thrift market keeps booming, several businesses are registered per annum. For shoppers looking where to buy cheap second hand clothes online and to get good quality secondhand clothing in the United Kingdom, there are a few great options to explore.


In this article, you will discover where to buy cheap second hand clothes online, focusing on the best UK stores.

where to buy cheap second hand clothes online - Blue17 second hand vintage clothing store interior photo

Blue17 second hand vintage clothing store interior photo

1.  Rokit

Rokit1 is a top-rated online store in the United Kingdom, home to several hundreds of clothing pieces and accessories. It has just the right fit for ladies and gents in clothing like sportswear, streetwear, designer brands, and other vintage clothes like tutus, military gear, cowboy boots, and sunglasses from the past.


Rokit has a physical store in London for customers who prefer in-person shopping. You will find almost all the clothing posted on Rokit’s online platform in their physical stores. They also have a wide collection of scarves, belts and hats.

2.  Frea Vintage

Frea Vintage2 is one of the latest and most reliable online thrift stores to buy cheap second hand clothes online in the United Kingdom. In just a year that they got established online, Frea vintage has sold hundreds of vintage pieces using Etsy to reach out to their customers all around the net.


In addition to their collection of fast fashion trends and vintage clothes, you can get quality jewellery, shoes, and clothing accessories from their store. This sentence is kept as it already contains the targeted keyword.

ond hand clothes, Prague

ond hand clothes, Prague.
MAKY.OREL, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

3.  Where to buy cheap second hand clothes online – Vinted

If you are looking for where to buy cheap thrift store second hand clothes online for every member of your family, you should consider Vinted. Vinted has options that allow for bulk purchases of items asides from single orders.


With over 45 million trusted members and customers, Vinted stands tall as one of the most trusted online thrift stores for pre-loved fashion movements. You can get clothes from top brands as well, regardless of your budget size.


Vinted sells vintage, retro, and other unique pre-used clothes and footwear for men, women and kids of all ages and sizes. You can also swap some of your clothes, whether old or new, with Vinted.

4.  Goldsmith Vintage

Goldsmith Vintage3 is known for the sales of Y2K vintage clothing4 asides from other thrift apparel. Their style is focused on bringing out the best in the millennium and Gen-Z ages therefore, they sell clothing ranging from sportswear and denim to Hawaiian shirts and other Y2K vintage pieces.


Since Goldsmith Vintage is LGBTQ owned, its brand story’s foundation is motivated strongly by a sense of social justice and sustainability. They sell up to 30 tonnes of recycled clothes (approximately over 12 shipping containers) per annum.


Goldsmith Vintage partners with students to sell some of their designs made from deadstock fabric on their platforms for some incentives through one of their programmes called Alter Eco. As of recent, they collaborated with London’s vinyl store; Rough Trade5, to create a limited-edition range of clothing designed by Elliot Snowman that draws on the cultural interplay of vintage fashion and independent music.


They also have physical stores for old-school clothing thrifts.

Vintage clothing

Vintage clothing.
Bryan Ledgard, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

5.  Where to buy cheap second hand clothes online – Denim Library

Denim Library6 is a female-founded online thrift store which is home to a veritable library of fairly used jeans from top brands like Levis, Lee, Wrangler, etc. Most of the clothing they have for sale has been properly upcycled and ready to use.


Their denims are not exclusively vintage or aged, so you can still find jeans of recent production in their store. Due to the fact that they upcycle denims, they help reduce global water waste associated with denim manufacturing.

6.  ASOS Marketplace

ASOS Marketplace7 is a subclan of ASOS, a website that deals with sales of all kinds of trendy outfits. ASOS centres their business on the retail of fashion and cosmetics for young adults and teens. It was founded in London, United Kingdom, in 2000.


ASOS sells clothes produced by over 850 brands and ships worldwide across all continents. Its vintage marketplace variant, ASOS Marketplace, deals with women’s and men’s clothing lines.


You can shop very affordable vintage pieces by fashion era as far back as the 60s and 70s on ASOS Marketplace for as low as less than $50.

Vintage Clothing Store, Phnom Penh

Vintage Clothing Store, Phnom Penh.
Anilakeo, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

7.  Where to buy cheap second hand clothes online – Oxfam Shop

Oxfam Shop sells household items, accessories and second-hand clothes. Oxfam8 values sustainability over fashion trends, so you are most likely to find long lasting vintage second-hand pieces in their stores.


Oxfam Shop gives out most of the proceeds from all their sales to humanitarian services. Their goal is to help end world poverty and fight injustice in the world.

Conclusion- where to buy cheap second hand clothes online

where to buy cheap second hand clothes online in an age when trendy is valued more than sustainable clothing globally, there are few hand-vetted sites where you can source your best vintage outfits online. Some of these stores have affiliations with high end trendy brands, while others are just concerned about their customers satisfaction and preferences.


It is necessary to verify that you are getting your second hand clothing from any of these stores to avoid paying into a cloned website.