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What are mom jeans

March 19, 2024

What are mom jeans? Is the obsession worth it? Here’s what you need to know about these loose-fitting jeans and how you can style them in 202!  

Mom Jeans: Fresh Ways to Style them in 2024

We always appreciate a creative resurgence of ‘90s fashion trends -or most of them! However, the comeback of mom jeans is one we will forever embrace. tapered legs, high waisted jeans were initially a top trend in the ‘9os but have evolved as a staple piece in every woman’s closet. It’s also true that they have slowly set skinny jeans aside. But thinking about it, we guess it never really went out of style!


We love mom jeans because they are effortless to style. They could seamlessly fit anything you want to wear with them -from casual, streetwear, or formal. You could wear a pair of mom jeans with t-shirts, blazers, button-downs, crop tops, flannels, cardigans, and virtually every top piece. Then, you can complete the perfect styling with a pair of loafers, heels, sandals, or sneakers. There’s an endless possibility on how you can rock mom jeans and look fashionable!


Are you looking for inspiration on how to wear these jeans? We have a compilation of different ways you can rock mom jeans. Before that, here’s all you need to know about this uniquely-cut denim.

What are Mom Jeans?

Ali models 1980’s jean jacket, with a multi-colored patterned pair of vintage mom jeans

Ali models 1980’s jean jacket, with a multi-colored patterned pair of vintage mom jeans

Mom jeans are high-waisted denim trousers with long zippers and back pockets, loose-fitting legs, and a length that tapers down just around the ankle. This style of jeans are very feminine, and they make you appear taller.  This unusual silhouette made them highly favored in the ‘90s, especially among petite women.


Mom jeans are usually mistaken for classic boyfriend jeans that are obviously baggier fitting jeans overall. However, they are both baggy and slouchy, which gives a comfortable fit, unlike skinny jeans, which are more bogy-fitting.


If you’ve ever wondered how the name came about, it’s pretty simple. The high-waisted mom jeans were quite popular among moms in the ‘90s, hence the name. So, we’ll surely get nostalgic when wearing the retro-style pants.


You can rarely go wrong with this style of relaxed fit jeans because they are versatile and easy to style. They also come in many variations; acid wash, ripped, or black. This gives you a broader selection option if you’ve decided to stick to them.

Mom Jeans Outfits: Pieces You Should Have In Your Closet

Blue17 vintage 80s Mom jeans

Blue17 vintage 80s Mom jeans

Because our obsession with skinny jeans is slowly fading away, mom jeans are gradually taking over the denim aesthetics. If you’ve come to terms with this, enter into the tapered legs, high waisted jeans, straight leg jeans mania. They come in different styles, which can be paired with other clothes like a contrasting white t shirt to make a suitable outfit. Although all the options give off a ‘relaxed and comfy’ vibe, you’ll find the one for you. Here are a few jeans pieces that could make a closet staple for you.

Black Mom Jeans

This is absolutely a must-have. Since black typically goes with anything, you won’t have issues when styling your black jeans. You can experiment with black mom jeans in different ways, keeping it sleek, classy, sexy, bold, or edgy. Pair your black  high on the waist jeans with a white t shirt and matching sneakers for a dressed-down look. You can incorporate edgy into your look by wearing a black leather jacket.

Blue (and light blue)

Lee High Waisted Blue Mom Jeans

Lee High Waisted Blue Mom Jeans

Look no further than blue and light blue jeans if you want the relaxed fit, laid-back feel. This classic item is chic and easy to match with other pieces. You can wear it to the office, coffee shop, or lounge. It can be worn in many ways in any season of the year. You can rock it effortlessly with a graphic t-shirt, button-down, or blazers. For smart-casual, finish the look with a pair of chic pointed heels. Trying out the ‘90s denim on denim style could fall into this category.

Acid Wash

 Acid Wash

Acid Wash

This trend from the ‘80s is making a comeback in today’s fashion. Although they can be made from simple DIY techniques (bleaching regular jeans with chlorine), you can find acid-wash mom jeans in stores.


Styling them is also effortless, but you’d want to stick to the ‘90s fashion style. For this, wear a tie-dye blouse with neon-colored accessories. You can also pair them with crop tops for a minimalist look. You’d get very nostalgic from this!

 Ripped Mom Jeans

For your casual day look, you can effortlessly wear ripped mom jeans. Meanwhile, if you’re trying to create a formal look with it, you’d have to be very intentional. Try wearing them with trench coats or blazers with heels or ankle boots.

Cool Ways To Style Mom Jeans in 2024


By Charlie Marshall from Bristol UK, United Kingdom (Framed By Fountains [CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

As we keep embracing jeans in today’s fashion, different ways of styling them also emerge. Although some are trends that have surged from the ‘80s or ‘90s, we still make them look as fresh as ever! Here are some ideas for you;

With Turtlenecks

This is simple and classic! Turtle necks are wardrobe staples, so you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with them. They are available in various colors and choices. Wearing them with mom jeans is an effortless outfit to put together. Add a sling bag and a pair of ankle boots to complete the aesthetics.

Tube tops

Tube tops are staples for ‘fashion girls’ of this era. They can be worn in versatile ways, even more than you could imagine. To wear tube tops with mom jeans, you either wear them alone or as a layering piece. If you want the ‘90 nostalgic feeling, throw on a bomber jacket or wear a plain white tee underneath. A pair of sneakers or pumps would be a suitable complement.

Classic Tees with Mom Jeans

You’ve probably never styled these jeans if you haven’t kept it classic with plain white tees. As basic as it may sound, it is an easy way to look neat and sleek. Tuck the tees and finish up with a pair of sandals for a summer look. Keep your hair in a sleek bun or ponytail to look sophisticated.

Statement Belts

Since mom jeans are high-waisted, you’d love to flatter your stomach with matching statement belts. Depending on which best compliments your outfit, you could try it with vintage, skinny, or chain belts.


You’d never go wrong with the relaxed fit style that sit high on the waist! Using blazers as a layering piece could look formal, smart-casual, and classic. For any season, all year round, find fitting blazers and rock them with mom jeans.

With knitted sweaters

You’d want fresh ways to still slay through the cold in winter. Knitted sweaters and mom jeans with tapered legs might seem too basic, but it’s definitely trendy. You can choose to tuck them in and finish with matching belts, but you could also leave them untucked. Whichever way, you’re good to go!


Depending on the occasion, you can dress up or dress down with mom jeans. Also, don’t hesitate to play with accessories. Add stylish items to bring color and glamor to your mom jeans outfit.