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Rock Retro Jackets UK Style by Reworking Key Vintage Trends

December 5, 2018

Bring your own unique casual-glam combinations to life by pairing retro jackets UK style with current classics in your wardrobe and rock the retro-glam look today!


Look here to be inspired by retro jackets UK style, which you can find at all the popular UK vintage clothing websites.

Robert Vaughn and David McCallum, Man from UNCLE 1966

Robert Vaughn and David McCallum, Man from UNCLE 1966. MGM-TV [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Timeless Jackets

Jackets are an essential element of any stylish wardrobe, whether from decades past or in the here and now. Experience on our website all the inspiration of retro jackets UK style, from the 20s to the 60s and beyond!


Vintage clothing jackets add that finishing touch to any outfit and can change drab to dramatic in an instant! Imagine a moto jacket over the classic white T-shirt and blue jeans – instant elevation of the outfit from every day drab to super stylish.

Retro Jackets UK - Bomber pilot, 1942

Bomber pilot, 1942. Alfred T. Palmer [Public domain]

Or picture a vintage clothing classic like a bomber jacket in warm brown leather with a cream shearling collar, casually thrown over your oatmeal chunky sweater, forest green leggings and brown riding boots. The look says expensive and exclusive and oh so cool.

Don’t forget retro jackets UK style in denim washes of all colours. The classic indigo dark wash or pale blue light wash denims never lose their appeal, but picture yourself in a pastel coral, lemon yellow or mint green vintage clothing denim jacket instead. Toughen up the sweet colours by pairing your jacket with classic black cigarette pants, a white button-down shirt and white sneakers for day, or black stilettos for night.


Or amp up the girly factor by throwing your retro jacket UK style candy-coloured denim over a floral summer dress for those cool evenings year-round. You now have a polished look that everyone will notice.


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Actors Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford

Actors Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford. Unknown (Bain News Service, publisher), Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


Retro Jackets UK – 20s Glam

Vintage clothing jackets in the 1920s were very ladylike and glamourous. Think ivory beaded capelets atop silk and satin evening gowns. Or velvet and fur short capes slung over elegant evening dresses. Source your retro jackets UK style from websites like to find authentic, one-of-a-kind vintage clothing jackets from the 20s. Then pair the haute couture look with jeans or black leather pants for a casual-glam look that reworks those vintage pieces for today.

30s Flair

Retro jackets UK style from the 1930s were all about the fabrications, which ranged from faux fur, to wool and tweed. Vintage clothing jackets were in lovely flattering shapes like the swing style, and in bright colours like red, green and rainbow plaid.


Add 1930s flair to your current look by checking out retro jackets UK shopping websites like, where you will find all these gorgeous retro styles made in today’s high-quality fabrics and reimagined to work with all your trendy pieces.

A Return to Glamour in the 40s

Vintage clothing jackets in the 40s brought back the glam factor. Woollen coats and jackets and classic blazers worn over pants or midi skirts played up understated elegance. Visit retro jackets UK online sites like to find authentic, original one-of-a-kind 1940s vintage clothing jackets to amplify your personal style.


The 1940s saw the emergence of the classic trench coat, which remains a timeless style statement even today.  Visit or to find modern spins on this 40s classic piece that will go with everything and anything in your wardrobe today.

Retro Jackets UK - Rivetts Champion motorcycle jacket

Rivetts Champion motorcycle jacket


Retro Jackets UK – 50s Rebels

The 1950s were all about rebellion against the norm, and retro jackets UK style made a style statement that said everything without saying a word. Black or brown leather bombers with shearling collars, varsity jackets, pink satin bomber-style jackets – all the cool kids were rocking the look. Visit retro jackets UK site for style inspirations that you can bring into your look today.


The quintessential “moto” or motorcycle jacket was born in the 50s and everyone had one in their closet. Look around you today and you see these classic vintage clothing items reimagined with lace panels, embroidery, in floral and in every fabric and colour to suit your mood and style.


Add one or two or more of these retro jackets UK style to your closet and you have pieces that can add instant edge to any outfit. Wear them with jeans for a classic update, or just throw them on over girly dresses and skirts for a juxtaposition statement.

60s Chic

Rock vintage clothing retro jackets UK style by picking out some classic 60s jackets in corduroy that go perfectly with your dark wash skinny jeans or thrown over your floral dress, opaque tights and boots.


Or source a denim jacket in an unexpected colour from your favourite retro jacket UK shopping website. Look for classic cut denim jackets in coral, yellow or white and wear with all your favourite bottoms. 60s chic never looked better than today!

G-1 military flight jacket

G-1 military flight jacket. Solicitr, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Retro Jackets UK style never go out of style!

We may be inspired by vintage clothing here, but there are some classic pieces that are always modern and never go out of style.

Retro Jackets UK – Timeless Shapes

Tracksuit tops, tailored blazers, faux or real leather moto jackets, nylon windbreakers, denim truckers and bombers come back season after season in new fabrics, embellishments and spins but always remain true to their essence. Take a look at for retro jackets UK style and find the original, authentic pieces that will make you stand out from today’s crowd.

Retro Jackets UK - Purple Levi denim jacket

Purple Levi denim jacket

Reimagined Fabrics

New takes on vintage clothing rework the old classic in today’s fabrications to add excitement and freshness to your look. Patchwork denim, gingham rain jackets, waterproof nylon windbreakers and spandex tracksuit jackets all add a current edge to retro jackets UK style.


Vintage fabrics get a new lease on life with today’s technology. Suede jackets with high wale counts, lace panels on faux leather jackets – all these touches bring these vintage clothing classics into the current fashion cycle.

Retro Jackets UK – Endless Inspiration

Do visit all the retro jackets UK shopping sites and brick-and-mortar thrift and consignment stores to be inspired by this vintage clothing classic – the jacket. Pick out one or two – or a lot! – of this essential wardrobe star in the key styles and trends of the past, now re-imagined for today. And add that perfect finish to any outfit in your closet, rocking the look from day to night!


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