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Retro winter clothes Offer So Many Options For Putting Outfits Together

January 25, 2020

Recently, someone said to me, “It’s hard to find warm retro winter clothes because women didn’t leave the house back then.” I’m here to tell you that, first and foremost, women “back then”, whenever that might be, were not locked in a tower and left the house for all sorts of reasons: to got to work, university, to go out for the night, pick up the kids from school and, in fact, do all the things we do today.

Shocking, I know. But also I want to tell you that there are so many options for putting outfits together in that look warm, stylish and retro.


We have had our stylists put together some great looks as a starting point – for both men and women. Read on for some tips!



Retro Winter Clothes – Warm and Stylish

A warm wool overcoat is the feature on our model on the left, with a large open-weave check. In its autumnal tones it is muted yet the boldness of the pattern makes it stand out. We have teamed it with white drawstring trousers, platform Doc Martens and a lovely polka dot navy and white pussy bow blouse.


The centre model is beautifully tonal, starting from the feet up where his dark red shoes match with burgundy trousers, and an argyle pattern jumper picks up both the red tones and the taupe of his classic sheepskin coat.


On the right, the model has a dark brown 1930s silk velvet cape over a cream blouse, midi length kilt in beige, black and white with a red stripe, and long black boots. All look cosy and interesting.


Green stilettos and 80s black sequin dress

Vintage and retro – Green stilettos and 80s black sequin dress


Here, our model is ready for a night out in her bright green stilettos and a black dress, which is embroidered all over with particular emphasis on the shoulders and front. A fun Retro winter clothes look that won’t leave you freezing.

 An Insouciant Look



Here, layering is key: the model in the foreground has a brown leather jacket over a dapper grey waistcoat and red shirt, which goes well with his plain grey trousers and black and white converse. In the background, we keep it warm and practical with a patterned anorak and jeans.

Cheerfully Boho

Retro winter clothes

Retro winter clothes


In this retro winter clothes look, the model couldn’t be happier in her boho lace skirt teamed with this season’s fluffy bucket hat. Dainty brown pumps accentuate the lady-like look while a black and white sweater vest gives warmth, and a red leather jacket pulls all this together.


Dapper cool

Dapper cool



A navy velvet blazer is always a great look for instant smartness. Teamed with classic chinos and a toning sweater vest over a pale blue shirt, this look radiates a dapper sort of cool.


Also in the lineup is a more casual baseball jacket and t-shirt combo, and then a quirky looks that starts with cropped cowboy boots and incorporates a taupe pencil skirt, bright geometric sweater and has a dark brown sheepskin coat thrown over the top. A kerchief over the hair really evokes the retro effect.

Retro winter clothes For The Arty Party


Join in the party with Retro winter clothes

Winter coats to be happy with!


Don’t you just want to join in the retro winter clothes party with these fun-looking guys? Left to right we have a model in moccasins, baggy jeans, a blanket-style jacket and a porkpie hat. There is a blue shirt just peeking underneath. His friend next to him sports snake print patterned cowboy boots and a vintage crocodile handbag, for accessories. A silk block coloured dress and fur lined coat is surmounted by a fluffy hat.


Next to her, the model has a camel coloured wool coat over black basics and a matching hat. Finally, the last Retro winter clothes model is in black cowboy boots and cream jodhpurs. Under that is a jumper with an embroidered yoke and a black patent belt to define the waist. A cute baby pink coat and a red beret finish the look.


Retro winter clothes - 1930s Vintage Silk Velvet Cape and Burberry Nova Check Skirt



Retro Winter Clothes

Putting together retro winter clothes outfits is a real pleasure, and hints like this can be helpful if you’ve decided to cut down on fast fashion, or even to take the challenge of cutting it out altogether. Vintage clothing is almost always second hand, and you won’t be hurting the planet by giving these lovely clothes a second lease of life.


The great thing is that designers are often inspired by bygone eras. So wearing the originals will look very cute and cool. Retro winter clothes can be a mix and match of eras, as we’ve done here. Or try a vintage inspired look by taking ideas from a certain era and recreating key looks. A bandanna brings to mind the 1980s, and a red lip and black cat’s eye eyeliner looks very 1950s. You can team both with a circle skirt and plastic bangles. It’s the way you style things sometimes and the hair and makeup you team with it that will show people the era you are inspired by.

Retro Winter Clothes Fun Shopping Expedition

Vintage dresses from the 1980s often have a 1950s or 1940s look, and are less expensive than the older models. 1940s inspired clothing also hit the shops in the 70s. So you could pull off a very pretty 1970s does 1940s appearance. You can have fun hunting down just the right pieces and accessories to get a retro winter clothes feel that’s perfectly reminiscent of the second world war. Or the bright and fun 1950s, the liberated sixties or the hippies of the 70s.


However, it’s just as fun to find a piece you fall in love with and build your retro winter clothes look from there. A beautiful flowing 1970s skirt can be really striking. It just needs some basic black tights and a polo neck to finish it off. Or take one of the characteristic 1980s beaded sweaters as our stylist did, and make that the focal point. Everything else can be pretty simple, or go to town if you like. That’s the real joy of going to a vintage shop. You can spot something you never knew you needed.