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Finding true vintage gems at London’s retro clothing stores

October 30, 2019

There’s more to experiencing London than Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, the Tower of London or Big Ben, and you’ll find it all in the city’s retro clothing stores.

Tourists, Britons from other parts of the UK or die-hard Londoner, if you’re planning to make some unique London memories, then a trip to the city’s retro clothing stores is a must!

Discover London’s retro clothing stores

Memories are made from things and moments that are hard to forget. So, if you want to make some precious memories of your time in London, then go shopping! But here’s a tip: Forget about the posh shops on Oxford Street, and don’t waste your time shop-hopping on New Bond either. London’s retro clothing stores are where you’ll get to make some of the best – and lasting – memories!


And here are our top four must-visit picks.

Wow retro - Photo courtesy Garry Knight

Wow retro – Photo courtesy Garry Knight


If you wish to be wowed by a selection of retro and vintage clothing, then this is one of the must-visit retro clothing stores in London! You’ll find men’s and ladies vintage pieces from the 20s and 30s through the 90s and 00s.


From boots and shoes to clothes and accessories, and from one-of-a-kind finds to costumes and fancy-dress items – everything you need is there. Wow Retro is one of those rare retro clothing stores where you’ll even find a selection of vintage furniture.

The Vintage showroom - Photo courtesy Garry Knight

The Vintage showroom – Photo courtesy Garry Knight


If you are a true vintage connoisseur, then you’d never want to leave London without popping in at the Vintage Showroom. The company has been around since 2007, and it has established itself as a global vintage menswear resource.


This is one of those London establishments that differs significantly from many retro clothing stores you might have visited previously. It hosts an appointment-only showroom near West London, where vintage-lovers can salivate over its well curated selections.


Then there’s the retail store on Earlham Street, where you’ll find well-priced garments and accessories from across a spectrum of vintage eras. And finally, Vintage Showroom runs a consulting division that cooperates on designs with some of the world’s premium labels.

retro clothing stores - shop interior -mannequin,mirror

shop interior -mannequin,mirror


If you plan on visiting Church Street, it may be worth creating memorable moments by visiting yet another one of London’s retro clothing stores. Deborah’s collection is viewable by appointment at her studio, but you’ll also be able to buy a wide selection of retro clothing – perhaps even at one of the many “Pop Up” events she attends.


This is one of those retro clothing stores where you’ll find everything you need – from 1860s down to the 1980s. From 40s-style skirts and jackets, to day dresses, prom gowns and evening wear from the 50s, to maxis and minis from the 60s, and even ’80s-era Yves Saint Laurent – if you can think of it, you’ll find it at Deborah’s!


Unlike some of the other retro clothing stores across London, Deborah also has a specially curated section of children’s vintage clothing too. And if you’re on the lookout for retro lingerie, swimwear or outerwear – all you need to do is browse and you’ll find them in an aisle next to you!

josh models green parka, white wool sweater and blue, turned up 501 jeans from Blue17.

josh models green parka, white wool sweater and blue, turned up 501 jeans from Blue17. Images credit – M-RGAN Photography


Visitors to London’s famous Soho district shouldn’t leave without visiting one of it’s staple retro clothing stores – Beyond Retro. Best of all, this little vintage gem place is a short trip away from London’s shopping havens of Oxford and Carnaby streets.


For more than a decade, visitors and locals have been visiting Beyond Retro to get their fill of a hand-picked selection of vintage clothing. From retro Cocktail Dresses and vintage Hawaiian Shirts to Band T-shirts, Tops and Skirts. This is one of those retro clothing stores that believes in Next Day Delivery, and it offers FREE UK-wide shipping on orders over a certain limit. So, what’s not to love?

Make your memories

When you drop by our must-visit retro clothing stores, make sure you take time to explore deep into the furthest corners of each store. Sometimes, the best pieces might be just beyond the eye – waiting there for you to pick them and create your very special memories!