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September 20, 2018

Opportunities for finding great deals on retro clothing in London await the savvy vintage clothing hunter – but only if you know which vintage shops to check out!


The art of chopping for retro clothing and accessories is part patience and part knowledge. If you are on a mission to find some great deals on retro clothing across London, then you’re in luck. We’ll introduce you to a few places where you’ll be exposed to an absolute vintage fest!


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Exploring Retro Clothing around London

London has a rich tradition of being an absolute vintage city – from its historical architecture to museum exhibits and theatres. So, for anyone exploring the city looking for opportunities to buy retro clothing in London, there isn’t any shortage of options.


But we believe that shopping for vintage clothing should be more than just about buying clothes and other retro “stuff”. It should also be about discovering London’s rich history, enjoying street markets, and sampling street food. That’s why we’ll point you to some great vintage shops in London where you can do all of that – eat, drink…and yes, shop for vintage clothing and accessories too!


So, let’s put on our shorts and tees, don on a pair of walking shoes, and explore some of the vintage shops in and around London.


Camden Market


Retro clothing in London – Camden Market North West London


Anything vintage that you are looking for, you’ll probably find within the amazing labyrinth called Camden Market in north west London area. Steeped in rich history dating back to the 1st Earl of Camden in 1795[i], you’ll encounter rows of vintage shops nestled between lines of small arts and craft shops and restaurants.


Savvy shoppers looking for great bargains at Camden Market tell us that one should never buy what you see at the very first shop that you come across. Instead, go deeper into the labyrinth and you’re sure to find other shops selling the same vintage clothing and accessories at a cheaper price. Most importantly though, make a day of it with your trip for retro clothing in London with this historical site. Don’t just shop for vintage clothing.  Since you’ve made the trip to Camden Market, why not enjoy some local foods and patronize some of the local arts and craft stores too!


Covent Garden Market Building

Covent Garden Market Building

Covent Garden in West London

Located in the West end of London, Covet Garden[ii] has acquired a reputation for beauty and luxurious fashion, as well as for a plethora of renowned theatres and restaurants. But if you are in search of absolute vintage classics, you won’t be disappointed either! Stores like Blackout II[iii] offer you two whole floors of retro clothing, where you can browse and buy anything from gowns and girdles to brooches and Basques!


And if you are into collectables, then vintage shops like Heather’s Collectables[iv] offer you just what you want. Whether it’s a vintage handbag to go with retro day dresses you may have bought elsewhere, or some costume jewelry that you can pair with other vintage clothing finds – Heathers is where you’ll find them.


And if you are looking for vintage shops that sell “action”, then Covet Garden has you covered there too! At Go Commando, you’ll find vintage militaria, police gear, firemen’s uniforms, caps, medals and badges for men and women alike. Best of all, the unbelievable prices for these items make them an absolute vintage steal!


Brick Lane


Retro clothing in London – Brick Lane in East London

If you find yourself in East London, looking for vintage clothing and accessories for that special occasion, then you’re in luck!  Head down to Brick Lane and you’ll discover a fascinating world of vintage shops selling everything from past decades. You’ll find retro fashion for both men and women, and all for the fraction of the price you might expect!


And while you’re out, shopping retro clothing in London at Brick Lane, don’t forget to check out ATIKA London’s[v] newly renovated 6,000 square foot stash of especially curated retro clothing. ATIKA’s, which was formerly known as BLITZ London, specializes in vintage design pieces that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere in London. From Japanese kimonos from the mid-century, to items from the 70s, 80’s 90’s and 00’s – you’ll find retro clothing and accessories all under a single roof!

Make the Most of It

As you shop for retro clothing in London and its neighbourhoods, make sure you make the most of your experience. Check out your favourite vintage clothing shops in some of the retro clothing hot-spots we’ve highlighted. But also take in the other attractions – food stalls, flea markets and restaurants and street food vendors – and make it a memorable occasion!


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