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Swing and Rock Your Style with Rockabilly Clothing UK Way!

October 23, 2019

The Rock and Roll, Swing and Twist – these iconic musical influences gave rise to the rockabilly style that you can rock today with rockabilly clothing UK style.


You don’t need to be on the dance floor to wear rockabilly clothing UK style and bring those vintage inspired styles and trends into the catwalks of your life today.


Rockabilly Clothing UK, Rock and Roll dancing, 1957.

Rock and Roll,dancing, 1957.

The rise of Rockabilly Clothing UK Style

The iconic, joyful and still-popular dances and music of the 50s and 60s gave rise to the rockabilly style of full swing skirts, pointy-toed flats or T-strap high-heeled sandals and form-fitting tops that whirled and swirled across the dance floor and into the catwalks and main streets of the day.


Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Blues, Western Swing, the Jive, Lindy Bop and Boogie-Woogie all set the stage for a time of innocent exuberance, embellished and complimented by the vintage style of rockabilly clothing UK and the world over.


You don’t need to be rocking the dance floor to rock these vintage inspired trends and looks today. Rockabilly style is timeless and looks great on everyone, so give it a whirl!

Teenagers at Rockabilly Clothing UK Rock and Roll dance, 1957

Teenagers at Rock and Roll dance, 1957

Feminine Form Inspired Rockabilly Style

 Rockabilly style is all about the female form and flattering it in all its shapes and sizes. Fit-and-flare dresses, top-and-skirt combos, sweetheart necklines, crinoline petticoats to boost the fullness of the skirt – all combined to create a vintage style that is still so very chic.


Playful prints in bright colours and whimsical patterns elevated the party dresses to the next level. Think bright colourful florals, equally eye-catching polka dots in classic colour combos of red, black or navy with white, and ice-cream coloured stripes and you can envision the inspired rockabilly look of then and now.


Accessories finished the ultra-feminine vintage inspired look in the form of fishnet stockings, cat eye sun glasses, bright berets, handbags in playful prints and colours, flat or high-heeled pumps and lashings of red lipstick.

Rockabilly couple jiving at Rock and Roll dance in 1957

Rockabilly couple jiving at Rock and Roll dance in 1957

Rockabilly Clothing UK style options for today

The modern woman has a ton of options for bringing the vintage inspired rockabilly style to life here and now. Take a whirl through these top rockabilly clothing UK sites and be inspired to rock the hell bunny look today!

Guy with girl wearing wide circle skirt and 50s blouse, dancing at Rock-'n-Roll dance, 1957

Guy with girl wearing wide circle skirt and 50s blouse, dancing at Rock-‘n-Roll dance, 1957

Rockabilly Style Classics

Whether you identify as a rockabilly girl or a pin-up princess, visit AttitudeClothing and you will find something for you with Attitude! Their inspired rockabilly vintage style clothes and accessories include all the major rockabilly clothing UK styles and sources, with their own gothic twist to everything.


Find top rockabilly style brands like Hell Bunny, Collectif Clothing and others on this site.


Some of their most popular vintage inspired ensembles include red and black plaid jumper dresses layered over vintage style short-sleeved tops with Peter Pan collars in black and white or floral prints.

Don't knock the Rock_ couple jiving at Rock-'n-Roll dance, 1957

“Don’t knock the Rock”-couple jiving at Rock-‘n-Roll dance, 1957

A Very British Take on Rockabilly Style

For a truly British spin on rockabilly clothing UK style, head on over to EggNChips Clothing and see some of the best rockabilly style in dresses, shirts and shoes. They offer you inspired rockabilly brands like Dead Threads, Living Dead Souls, Collectif, Miss Fortune and others.


Don’t miss out on the red lip and turban trends, ala Voodoo Vixen vintage inspired style. Or go for a selection of polka dot cropped knotted blouses and matching skirt combos – so retro-cute!

Girl in wide circle skirt twirling at rock' n roll dance, 1950s

Girl in wide circle skirt twirling at rock’ n roll dance, 1950s

Pin-up Princess Rockabilly Style

For the pin-up girl, take a virtual tour through RockabillyPinup and sample their range of pin-up rockabilly style UK-inspired dresses, bags, shoes, hairbands and jewellery.


You’ll find yourself famous rockabilly style brands like Lady Vintage, Hell Bunny, Hearts & Roses London and more.


The Lindy Bop Vintage Style

If you are looking for rockabilly style floral swing dresses, rockabilly style denim or chambray shirt dresses, swing jive full skirts, pin-up style sweetheart neckline party dresses or ice-cream striped rockabilly style shirt dresses, look no further than the Lindy Bop website. You’ll definitely find inspiration there!

Amazing dance moves at 1950s Rockabilly Clothing UK dance

Amazing dance moves at 1950s rock’ n roll dance


Vintage Inspired Retro-Feel Shopping

If you really want a virtual vintage inspired shopping experience, head on over to Dolly and Dotty.


You’ll find rockabilly style wing dresses, fitted dresses, skirts, tops and accessories in a very retro look-and-feel website.


You can also get 50s style strapless rockabilly style swing dresses or floral and polka dot swing dresses in both sleeveless and short-sleeved options.


Then finish your look with rockabilly style accessories of polka dot bags and full net petticoats worn with your swing dresses and skirts.

Rockabilly Clothing UK Icon

Hell Bunny is a rockabilly clothing UK trendsetter and icon. This brand is known for its vintage style and vintage inspired Natalia Rose Black dress, retro floral vintage pin-up outfits, polka dot dresses and tops, rockabilly style cardigans and so much more. Take a look at all they have to offer at Hell Bunny.


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