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A look at what are the best workwear jacket brands available today

October 21, 2018

With so much competition among manufacturers and designers of work jackets, we make sense of it all by looking at what are the best workwear jacket brands out there


Work jackets, whether for formal or casual wear, are a very popular accessory in most working people’s wardrobes. Yet, when it comes to definitively saying what are the best workwear jacket brands, you’ll likely get mixed responses. We’ll try to tell you why that is so, and also steer you towards some of the best workwear jacket brands available today.

Filson building, northwest Portland, Oregon, circa 1904

Filson building, northwest Portland, Oregon, circa 1904

Work jackets are BIG business!

According to Statista, the global market for coats and jackets is estimated to balloon to a staggering $94.5 billion by 2021. In the UK, by 2020 the market for work jackets and other related men’s and women’s outerwear is expected to grow to 10.7 and 19.2 billion pounds respectively.


This is BIG business! So, trying to establish what are the best workwear jacket brands isn’t an easy task. There are so many variables to consider, and so many different aspects of the “best jacket” equation to analyse, that determining a clear winner isn’t so straightforward.


Having said that, however, one can certainly look at

Dickies storefront

Dickies storefront

What are the best workwear jacket brands to buy?

Well, since you’ve asked, we’ve taken a close look at some of the jackets that many in the workforce have said they like. Some of the manufacturers that produce these work jackets have been around for over a millennium, while others for a few years.  Some of them are considered brand leaders in their segments of the market, while others have gained leadership position in niche workwear segments.


However, the reason that these labels are unanimously mentioned, when people in the workforce are asked what are the best workwear jacket brands, is because these names have evolved over time and have stayed relevant.


So, what does it take for work jackets to become relevant, and to stay that way over a long period of time? And what qualities do work jacket lovers look for when looking to buy their next piece of outer wear for work?

Green Mens Barbour Diamond Quilted Jacket

Green Mens Barbour Diamond Quilted Jacket

Endearing qualities of work jackets

Earlier we spoke of jacket designers being “relevant”. Well, the most endearing quality for any work jacket is that it must be considered relevant to buy and wear.  What this means is that, when potential jacket buyers are considering what are the best workwear jacket brands, they are looking at workwear that’s relevant for their particular working environments.



During particularly warmer work environments, a designer who produces high-quality insulated or padded jackets, will not be considered “relevant” for regular office wear. However, jackets like Goose down-filled jackets, parkas and coats might be considered very relevant work jackets in some other work environments.


So, that’s the primary quality that work jackets must possess in order to be considered “the best” fit for any buyer.

1917 magazine advertisement for Burberry wartime trench-coat, 1917

1917 magazine advertisement for Burberry wartime trench-coat, 1917


Best fit

Next, when prospective buyers ask themselves what are the best workwear jacket brands, they are looking for something that will be comfortable to wear. Even if a particular designer or manufacturer produces jackets that are relevant for work-use, if the wearer doesn’t feel comfortable wearing them, then such work jackets will likely not be the “best fit” for them.



Generally speaking, comfort might be measured in the ideal length of the outerwear. It must not be too snug, nor should it be too loose. A measure of comfort for work jackets might also be reflective in the ease with which the wearer is able to carry on her/his work routine while wearing the garment.


Of course, when determining what are the best workwear jacket brands, one shouldn’t forget about accessibility of the manufacturer’s designs. If the items aren’t widely carried by distributors across the UK, then they aren’t likely to be as well adopted. As a result, work jackets that are only available with a restricted niche market might not make the cut in the “best workwear jacket” short-list.



Finally, to answer the question:  what are the best workwear jacket brands, one can’t shy away from the “P-word” – price! They say quality determines price, but price could also deter universal adoption of a piece of workwear. Work jackets that are priced at a higher end will still be “best in class”. However, they might not be broadly seen in offices and work establishments.

Man wearing bill cap and denim workwear jacket, circa 1941

Man wearing bill cap and denim workwear jacket,
circa 1941

Work jackets to consider

Another way to look at what are the best workwear jacket brands might be to look at how well – financially – manufacturers and retailers are doing in their respective niche markets. Some UK fashion industry statistics puts Burberry as the front-runner, with a 10 billion-dollar (8.6B €). Though clearly offering work jackets at the higher end of the market, it’s Diamond Quilted Thermoregulated Field Jacket is one of the classics that includes features such as embroidered crest at the jacket’s sleeves, and Vintage check lining.


When answering the question: what are the best workwear jacket brands, next on our list of “best fit” brands will be Mark & Spencer, with a 6.18 billion-dollar (5.25B €) market cap. Though not as pricey as Burberry’s Thermoregulated offering, the M&S Double Breasted Gold Button Jacket is amongst work jackets that women would love to include in their workwear wardrobes. The combination of extra stretch and tailored fit not only fit the “comfort” test outlined earlier, but the gold buttons make it a very “relevant” accessory for formal office wear.



Filson is yet another brand that would easily make the cut when discussing what are the best workwear jacket brands. For over a hundred years, they have been a staple fixture in the UK workwear scene.

Levi's logo

Levi’s logo



And for if you are looking for work jackets that don’t come with a hefty price tag, then Levi’s Lightweight Hooded Jacket might be just what you want. Designed as a lightweight casual outerwear piece, this jacket strays away from the banded hem of their traditional jackets. Instead, it features a drawcord that provides the wearer more control over the jacket’s fit.


When determining what are the best workwear jacket brands, we also added Levi’s on the list because of its Original Trucker Jacket – a piece of comfort-wear made from stretch denim that can easily be layered over other workwear – like a uniform shirt or a company tee. And since we agreed that “best fit” work jackets should pass the “comfort” test, the Trucker Jacket’s stretch capability offers great ease of mobility to the wearer.

Wrangler Jeans logo

Wrangler Jeans logo



And while we are talking of mid-range priced jackets, when discussing what are the best workwear jacket brands in that category, we’d add Wrangler in our list of contenders as well. Their Protector Jacket is a pared-down piece of outerwear that is ideally suited for work at the turn of the weather. And since we’ve determined that work jackets must not only be relevant for the season, but also be practical and stylish to wear, Wrangler’s Protector fits the bill perfectly for the brand to make the cut.

Dickies logo

Dickies logo



And of course, no discussion about what are the best workwear jacket brands for every-day wear would be complete without having Dickie’s on the list! Dickie’s Everyday Jacket is one of those work jackets that you could easily wear for almost any work occasion. The adjustable cuffs and hem, and it’s wide range of colours – from single to dual-coloured designs – makes it a great brand to consider for workwear.



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