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Blue blooded denim hunters and jeans culture backstory

December 9, 2018

Thomas Stege Bojer’s book “ Blue blooded Denim Hunters and Jeans Culture ” is an exploration of the history and impact of denim on the world.  Now let’s review the context.


Blue blooded denim hunters and jeans culture is not just the name of a book by Thomas Stege Bojer. It is the very fabric of denim clothing, fashion, style and devotees through the world’s ages.

Blue blooded denim hunters and jeans culture inspirations

Hunters of denim brands are devotees of authentic jeans culture and products. Fast, throwaway fashion is not for denim hunters. They hunt the world for genuine, vintage jeans, locating the true origins of jeans culture from America to Japan and every place in between.


Denim hunters prize their finds for their true origins and their historical, cultural and style impact across the ages.


And they focus their passion on uncovering exclusive, expensive and luxury denim fashion, making them who they really are: The blue blooded denim hunters and jeans culture pioneers.


Jacob W. Davis – inventor of jeans (1831–1908)

Cultural history of denim

The denim industry in America had its true origins in the 1800s, when Jacob Davis, an everyman tailor, made the first pair of blue jeans. He used copper rivets to reinforce the pockets of his jeans.

Levi Strauss

Portrait of Levi Strauss


Davis sourced his denim fabric from a company called Levi Strauss and Company. He also shared his designs for his article of clothing with this company, who were so impressed with his product, they hired him to run their mass-production factory for blue jeans in San Francisco.

Blue blooded Denim Hunters and Jeans Culture - copper rivet on jeans

copper rivet on jeans


Farmers, miners, construction workers and cowboys were the early adopters of denim brands, establishing the true origins of blue jeans as workman wear.

James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause

James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause


In the 1950s, James Dean immortalized his denim jeans, white T-shirt and red leather jacket look on the movie “Rebel Without a Cause”. Global movie and music stars like Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley picked up on the trend and denim brands were now no longer confined to manual labour.


Instead, embracing various denim brands became the symbol of rebellion, bad boys, bad girls and excitement.


As time passed, blue blooded denim hunters and their jeans culture moved from rebel to establishment. Jeans became universal, worn for both work and as luxury fashion and denim brands like Levi’s, Wrangler, True Religion and others were globally worn and ubiquitous articles of clothing.

Blue blooded Denim Hunters and Jeans Culture - Naked and Famous selvedge jeans

Naked and Famous selvedge jeans

Throwback to Authenticity:  The Origins of the Osaka 5

Japan embraced the vast array of denim brands as avidly as America.  Jeans were mass-produced and worn by everyone. Then came the Osaka 5.


The origins of the Osaka 5 can be traced to a small Japanese city of Osaka, where five companies came together in 1979 as true blue blooded denim hunters of denim and jeans culture. They turned their backs on mass-production jeans and used pure indigo selvedge denim and accessories sourced from France to create exclusive, classic jeans inspired by the true origins of denim.


Their “Studio D’Artisan” denim brand set the standard for authentic, high-quality, timeless jeans that blue blooded denim hunters and denim culture lovers consider the crown jewels of all things denim.

 Blue blooded denim hunters and jeans culture – go deeper

To explore more deeply these stories of the cultural history and true origins of the denim industry and the impact it has had on our world, get your hands on Bojer’s book. You can find it available at many different places online, including sites like Denim Hunters.

Watch a video teaser on his book at Vimeo.Com and be inspired to learn more about the true origins and the cultural history and twists and turns of the world’s denim story.

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