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Straight or skinny jeans lovers: What jeans are the most durable?

September 7, 2019

Whether you love straight leg jeans or like wearing your skinny jeans, or whether it’s a low or high cut you prefer – read on and learn what jeans are the most durable?


Men love jeans because they are such an easy fashion to pull off! They (the indominatable jean) can neatly blend into any environment – work, play, formal or informal. But what jeans are the most durable, and what makes a pair of jeans durable so? Let’s explore the answers to those questions further. You are in for a surprise!

Selection of featured Men's slim fit denim jeans

Selection of featured Men’s slim fit denim jeans

When is a denim jean “durable”?

Men in jeans like wearing them for comfort, style, convenience…and yes, durability too. But when you ask a denim-loving man what jeans are the most durable, you’re bound to get varied answers – and as many reasons for why they think that particular brand of denim jean is the most durable. However, whether it’s a straight leg pair, or a pair of skinny jeans that we are talking about, durability is all about endurance, isn’t it?


So, I suppose the answer to the question: What jeans are the most durable, might be relative. One could even start answering the question by saying: It depends! For instance, a pair of skinny jeans worn by someone that drives to work, and sits behind a desk all day, would endure a lot of wear and tear.

Blackcountry denim co slim fit denim jeans

Blackcountry denim co slim fit denim jeans

What jeans are the most durable – Backcountry Denim Co’s Heritage brand

If you ask denim jean maker Backcountry Denim Co: What jeans are the most durable? You’re likely to get a resounding vote of confidence for its men’s Heritage line of jeans.   The company has been around since 2014, and has spent three years developing and testing its men jeans line-up.


So, what makes a Heritage branded pair of jeans the most durable? Well, the company will tell you that the secret is in Dyneema®, a proprietary 12-ounce weighted fabric. A pair of denim jean made from Dyneema® – which is claimed to be “the strongest” denim fabric in the world – is bound to endure anything on and off the trail!

Moon Climbing Men’s Hubble X Slim Fit Jean

Moon Climbing Men’s Hubble X Slim Fit Jean

MoonClimbing Hubble X Slim Fit Men Jeans

If you are an avid climber, and a straight leg lover, then the answer to your question: What jeans are the most durable, is likely to be the Hubble X Slim Fit Jean from MoonClimbing. If it’s ease of mobility that you are after, then this is the one for you. For men in jeans that prefer their trousers to deliver great flexibility as they move, the Hubble X Slim Fit denim Jean delivers in abundance.


Flexibility and mobility in this lineup from MoonClimbing come not just from the elasticity of the fabric, but primarily from it’s slim fit cut. And while this pair of jeans will taper down a long way to the ankle, it offers considerable mobility in the knee region.

 Outdoor Research Goldrush 32” Jeans

Outdoor Research Goldrush 32” Jeans

Outdoor Research Goldrush-32 Men Jeans

So, what says these jeans are the most durable? Well, for one, the cotton/ nylon/Cordura® blended material makes it extremely stress resistant. Active men wearing jeans love the fact that these jeans are made from a fabric that’s not only amenable to great styling, but it also makes for a denim jean that resilient to all forms of scuffing, stretching and wear and tear.


Durability in a pair of jeans shouldn’t compromise comfort. And the blended Cordura®/cotton/nylon/polyester/Lycra® composition of the straight leg Goldrush-32 gives it enough elasticity to allow for ease of movement and stretch.  What else says these jeans are the most durable? Well, the abrasion-resistant qualities of the Goldrush-32 men jeans is something that gives it added appeal to men looking for a pair of jeans for tough use. And the fact that the fabric is extremely breathable only adds to the durability and longevity of the garment.

Boulder denim slim fit Men's jeans

Boulder denim slim fit Men’s jeans

Slim Fit from Boulder Denim Jean

If you love wearing slim, skinny or super skinny jeans, you probably also have a yearning for toughness and resilience. And what jeans are the most durable in your particular style? Well, skinny jeans lovers will also enjoy putting on a pair of Boulder Denim Slim Fit’s.


Denim jean lovers usually prefer their trousers to offer stretch that’s pleasing to the eye – and the Boulder Slim Fit men jeans offers just that – a stretch produced without an unappealing gusset. And stretch also plays an important role in durability – since it doesn’t put added stress on a pair of jeans. The Boulder Denim Slim Fit boasts of a 92% stretch retainment – which is the highest available across the denim jean industry.


And what else says these jeans are the most durable in the skinny jeans realm? Well, durability is often compromised when jeans are put through each washing cycle. The spin of the washer, and the heat of the dryer stretches, pulls and stresses a pair of jeans to such an extent that it begins to fray around the edges and the seams. But since the Boulder Slim Fit denim jean is treated with Nanoshere® technology, it is more water-resistant and odor-resistant than many other skinny jeans (or variants) available out there.


The end result: Nanoshere® means this pair of jeans will need less frequent washing or dry cleaning, and that prolongs the life of your jeans!

Patagonia Men’s Performance Straight Leg Jeans

If it’s versatility, comfort and durability in a pair of jeans that you are looking for, then the Patagonia Men’s Performance Straight Leg Jeans is probably what you’re after. It’s rare to see all those qualities combined in men jeans. But anyone who knows Patagonia, won’t be too surprised!


So, what tells us these jeans are the most durable in this particular class of rugged wear? Well, the name says it all really: From blacksmiths, miners and mountain climbers – Patagonia has had a pair of jeans for them all since the 1950s.


The Patagonia Men’s Performance denim jean is made from 9.7-oz 71% organic cotton/29% polyester, which gives it superior protection and performance capabilities.  COOLMAX® T400®polyester used to create this pair of jeans means also adds comfort to durability. Top that of with a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish, and you have a straight leg jean classic that keeps you cool and prevents moisture from damaging the garment.


What else confirms these jeans are the most durable in their class? A cut of a denim jean also has a lot to do with how durable it is likely to be. Men jeans that are cut too low or too high, not only aren’t comfortable; they also contribute to additional stress on the fabric, which ultimately compromises longevity of the pair of jeans.


The Patagonia Men’s Performance straight leg is cut such that it sits just right on the waist. And it’s streamlined fit makes this pair of denim jean neither too loose nor to tight all around. Its straight leg opening runs from the knee down to the ankle, which puts less stress and tension on the jean once worn. Additional reinforcement in the lower part of the rear pockets also adds to durability, as does the binding of the seams of the pocket-edge of this pair of jeans.

So: Really What jeans are the most durable?

Well, as we said in the intro to this post: A pair of jeans that lasts for a very long time is what makes it durable in the eyes of the wearer. But we’ve also highlighted that men wear jeans in various environments.


You could be working indoors, in a climate-controlled environment, and your pair of Boulder Slim Fit men jeans could (technically speaking!) last you for a decade. On the other hand, if you are looking for a denim jean to wear outside, in the sunshine, heat, cold, windy or snowy conditions, then you’ll find the Outdoor Research Goldrush-32 to be a trustworthy companion for many years to come.


To unequivocally confirm what jeans are truly the most durable therefore, we’ll need to consider intended use into the mix as well. And then there’s the matter of technology to consider too, when deciding which pair of jeans is the most durable.


For instance, Durable Water Repellent (DWR) technology used in the Patagonia Men’s Performance Straight Leg Jeans makes it more moisture and water resistant – and therefore might outlast (in terms of wear and tear) a pair of denim jean that’s manufactured without that technology.


And finally, if its non-technology infused durability that you want, then the Hubble X Slim Fit from MoonClimbing might fit the bill. These men jeans rely on the cut to provide comfort and style. But as a result, the added stretch capabilities of this pair of jeans makes it less susceptible to stress and wear and tear. And that goes a long way to adding longevity and creating durability in your denim jean.



Patagonia blue sknny jeans

Men’s Patagonia Performance Straight Fit Jeans


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