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Wear a vintage shell suit and show your fashion-forward savvy

June 11, 2019

Rock a vintage shell suit on its own or as separates with your current wardrobe favourites and show that you are in the know as you blend retro with modern style. 


Nothing says fashion insider like rocking a vintage shell suit with a mashup of your current closet pieces for a throwback yet au courant look any day of the week. Or get yourself some shell suits from a by-gone era to stand out from the crowd at your 1980s or 1990s themed fancy dress party!

vintage shell suit layering

vintage shell suit layering

Vintage Shell suit selections

Are you in the market for a shell suit for your next 1980s or 1990s fancy dress party? Looking for shell suits that you can mix-and-match with your favourite day-to-night pieces? Well, you can find yourself a head-to-toe vintage shell suit, just a shell suit jacket to wear as an outer shell, or the perfect shell suit trousers at any of the virtual market places listed below:

90s black shell-suit jacket

90s black shell-suit jacket


Blue 17 and Etsy

  • Start your shopping trip at popular online destinations like Blue 17 and Etsy and check out their 1990s windbreaker shell suits for men in a variety of size UK, USA or other fits.


Look for bright and colourful colour-blocked shell suits that are genuine vintage one-of-a-kind pieces so you always know you will be wearing an original.


Browse their huge selection of vintage shell suit options in timeless colours like blue or red or colour-blocked styles that will go with everything in your current wardrobe.


You will find retro 1980s unisex outer shell wind suits, 1990s sportswear shell suits and everything else you may want when vintage shell suit shopping.

90s purple shell-suit jacket

90s purple shell-suit jacket



  • Next, head on over to eBay and take a look at shell suit choices for ladies in a vast range of sizes from pit to pit. They offer you shell suit jacket and trouser pairs and combinations in a variety of bright colours and choices of fabrications, from throwback terry cloth to 1980s nylon.


  • If you are looking for designer brand vintage shell suit options from the likes of Reebok, Puma and Fila, check out the gorgeous collection at 97th


Here, you will find shell suit jacket choices from Reebok, shell suit jacket options from Puma, and outer shell selections from Fila, all at very affordable price points, given these are truly vintage shell suit outfits from name-brand designers.


Expect these curated collections to be of high quality and in excellent condition, ready for you to rock as a full vintage shell suit costume or to style as separates that you can mashup with modern pieces in your wardrobe.

Purple and white shell-suit

Purple and white shell-suit



  • Another great online market place to find your vintage shell suit is at Asos. Take a virtual tour there to explore all the Quicksilver shell suit choices from the 1990s, or the 1980s multicolour ski suit interpretations of shell suits. You will even find embroidered vintage shell suit selections for those rare one-of-a-kind style statement picks.


  • Do visit True Vintage for thousands of high quality authentic vintage shell suit pieces, from full suits to shell suit jacket


This collection is especially curated and hand-picked for quality and durability and includes such classic shell suits as Christian Dior outfits in timeless colours like navy, that go with everything in your closet.


  • If looking for vintage shell suit choices from a UK online store, check out Blue Rinse.


They offer 1980s shell suits, outer shell jackets and neon-coloured shell suit selections that go from fancy dress party to the catwalks of your daily life.

Stylish blue shell suit

Stylish blue shell suit


Rock your vintage shell suit every day


Once you find that perfect vintage shell suit to match your personal style and budget, don’t save it just for fancy dress parties – rock it every day in all kinds of fashion-forward yet timeless ways.



  • Layer the shell suit jacket over your classic white tee shirt tucked into skinny dark wash denims and add white sneakers for a downtown casual look for evenings and weekends. The bright colour of your outer shell jacket will enliven your ensemble and makes a great alternative to the typical denim jacket everyone else is wearing.


Colour ranges

  • You can even elevate your vintage shell suit jacket into office-appropriate wear by choosing a shell suit jacket in a muted neutral like navy or black, and layering it over a classic sheath dress in a matching or contrasting colour as a cool spin on the usual blazer.


  • Alternatively, take your 9-to-5 look up a notch by paring the vintage shell suit jacket with a crisp white button-down shirt tucked into a classic black or beige pencil skirt and finishing the look with your favourite nude high-heeled pumps.


Hard rock style

  • To rock your vintage shell suit for nights out, throw the shell suit jacket over a printed T-shirt and faux leather leggings for some hard-rock chic style, or over a lacy camisole and skinny pale wash jeans for a more feminine spin.


  • Your vintage shell suit trousers are equally versatile and can be dressed up with a fitted black turtleneck (sleeved in winter, sleeveless in summer) and black high-heeled pumps for date nights or dance club evenings.


  • Or layer an oversized T-shirt on top of your shell suit trousers, with the front tucked in to emphasize your waist, and add your favourite sneakers for a daytime laid-back cool look that goes from grocery store to weekend ballgame.


You now know where to find your vintage shell suit for either a fancy dress event or just to add some throwback 1980s style to your current look. Now, with so many ideas to play around with, it’s time to go shopping and then go styling!


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