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Bringing Back The 90s Adidas Jacket

March 28, 2018



You know you miss your good ol’ Adidas jacket – whether it’s a windbreaker or tracksuit, we all loved our classic 90s Adidas gear. Adidas has been around for decades – starting in Germany in 1924, the mission of Adidas was to provide athletes with the best possible shoes to compete in. Since then, Adidas has flourished into an international name and fashion brand, and we’re ready for this particular jacket to make its comeback!

The Casual 90s Adidas Jacket Sportswear Look

90s Adidas Jacket

90s Adidas Jacket


Because 90s Adidas vintage jackets are known to be bright and colorful, you don’t have to play matchy-match by pairing it with colorful Adidas shorts. If you’re more comfortable in jeans, rock your jacket with a pair of 90s blue 501 jeans, like the ones John is wearing. He’s added some black leather ankle boots to keep the overall classic vintage feel, opting to not wear the obvious Adidas shoes. We like this look because John is able to add his own unique touch to the outfit – bringing a cool sense of grunge to an otherwise classically sporty look. If you’re feeling fun, add a vintage scarf to finish off the look (and keep you warm)! What are you waiting for?


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