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Womens 1970s vintage tops in hippie fashion

May 18, 2015

My emails are telling me great things about fashion and the 1970s feature predominantly with Womens 1970s vintage tops.


The latest tells me its hippie fashion and who am I to argue when it’s from one of the biggest high street fashion retailers? If word on the street says that hippie fashion is cool, then I’m willing to take it on face value and do something about it.

Womens 1970s vintage tops

They tell me Womens 1970s vintage tops, high waisted shorts, uneven camisole tops with spaghetti straps, printed tops, patterned bomber jackets, jacquard weave shorts, pleats and chunky jewellery is all the rage, so get yourself off up the high street for your hippie fix.

Vintage items are always the best when it comes to obeying the dictates of fashion

But really, for those of you who love fashion, you already know that a vintage original item is going to really split the wheat from the chaff and give those fashionistas a run for their money.


We can only wonder at the quality of copies, mass manufactured vintage inspired high street style and retro homage to a bygone era that was always better and more real the first time round.

Womens 1970s vintage tops-Really, you need to know the lingo

If you want to get yourself some hippie chic then start off with some Womens 1970s vintage tops – that’s where it’s at you fashion cats and here is a short but sweet guide on how to get it right – without paying high street prices and paying for inferior quality.


We’re talking polyester, bright colours and platform shoes. Tight fitting pants, high cut boots and flicked hair.


The early 70s took on the best of the 60s and mixed it up with a 1970s sense of fun and gave hippies a reason to get dressed in the morning.Flared pants, yes bell bottoms, cowl neck sweaters and stripey v neck velour shirts…yes, really.


The words tunic and culottes were bandied about and jewellery was big, bold and ethnic if you were really into the hippie thing.

Hippie chic and happy times ahead

For hippie chic we’re going to focus on the early to mid-part of the 70s rather than the latter half of the decade, as by this time, 1970s fashion had gone down the disco route with medallions and monotone shades, with colour taking a back seat.


For Womens 1970s vintage tops We’re talking halter neck tops with no bra, the chemise, blouson and smock tops, drawstring waistlines, kimono sleeves and much larger armholes.


Clothes were looser and baggier than they had been in the 1960s. Cheesecloth, polyester, cashmere and angora were used. Fabrics were either man made or natural fibres.

Womens 1970s vintage tops – Colours of the rainbow

Patterns were paisley, florals, jacquard weave, patchwork prints and ethnic inspired patterns and colours.


Colours were bright and denim was rarely plain, it was decorated with embroidery, patchwork and stitching.


Tops were often worn with waistcoats that often came with a long fringe. Tie dye, symbols, blanket fabric used for clothing, along with rainbow prints and wooden shoes.


If you’re going to get it right, you need to mix and match your 1970s vintage tops with denim skirts, shorts or jeans, long maxi skirts that touch the floor and if you want, wear your top with a suede fringed waistcoat or an embroidered denim jacket.


Halter neck tops are great with high waisted shorts, they can come in man made fibres or knitted wool.


If you’re really daring, you can try and source a crocheted halter neck top – but make sure you don’t wear it when it’s likely to rain.


Smock tops are nice and loose and over any areas you’d rather hide, and is a lot kinder than a halter neck top, you can also wear it with obligatory shorts, jeans or a long length shirt.


Cheesecloth is a pretty fabric, its light and it really doesn’t matter whether it creases. This was fabric was used to create some gorgeous maxi dresses, smock tops and blouses that really embraced the hippie moment.


Embrace Womens 1970s vintage tops with paisley, jacquard weave and rainbow colours. You can always wear something plainer below to tone it down a little.Look hard and look wide, don’t just buy the first thing you find, take your time and embrace your inner hippie.




Fashion shoot circa 1970 Vogue. Puerto Rico

short tops worn with wide pants

A time of carefree fun and loose, casual clothes, Puerto Rico, Vogue 1970

70s Halter neck tops and maxi skirts