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9 fashion style icons that influence modern trends

April 4, 2017

There are a range of prominent figures in the fashion world that conjure image of style and individualism. These men and women shaped an industry whilst offering people the chance to express their own style and passion. Fashion style icons come from all walks of life. Popular figures include movie stars, musicians, fashion models and royalty. Many of them do not strive to be the trendiest or most fashionable people out there, yet ooze certain characteristics that we can’t help admire.


Past and present fashion style icons generally create something unique. Whether it’s the way they style certain looks or are recognised for signature trends. We love to see how they incorporate fashion into their life whilst giving us ideas and inspiration for our own wardrobes.
With a fabulous range of iconic names to choose from, we’ve picked our top 9 favourite style icons that led the way in timeless fashion.

Fashion style icons – Audrey Hepburn

I think you’ll agree Audrey Hepburn is synonymous with elegant and classic style. When we think of this fashion style icon, her spectacular little black dress and striking beauty springs to mind. Her rise in the film industry gave her the opportunity to strike a chord in the hearts of a nation. It also gave women the chance to feel feminine and beautiful in the trend of the time, slacks (or cigarette style trousers). Paired with a classic blouse and subtle makeup it created the ‘Audrey look’ that still inspires fashion today.

Michael Caine

Often associated with a dapper and statement style, Sir Michael Caine is synonymous with classic British tailoring. His cheeky, cockney characteristics gave his style an interesting twist, coming away from the stuffy connotations of tailored fashion. Another infamous signature look included Caine’s thick-framed spectacles. These perennially cool glasses have stood the test of time with resurgence in modern trends.

Brigitte Bardot

This French actress turned up the heat during the 1960s and 70s and became a fashion style icon and sex symbol. Brigitte Bardot inspired women with feminine looks and adventurous trend choices. From her perfect bikinis to short hemlines, she certainly offered beautiful yet sensual characteristics, giving women inspiration to experiment with strong and empowering looks.

Bob Dylan

With a career spanning several decades, this incredible musician was also famed for his incredible style. Sporting an edgy, rock vibe, Dylan’s fashion choices oozed a cool and charismatic look. Often wearing trends such as turtlenecks, wayfarers, suede jackets and Chelsea boots, he was the optimum of hipster before hipsters were born. His style in music and fashion has influenced generations and will long into the future.

Fashion style icons – Elizabeth Taylor

Taylor’s exquisite beauty and alluring demeanor created the timeless style icon that is still remembered today. She loved light and floaty materials often wearing sensual and barely there fabrics. Yet she is most well known for her love of jewellery and fanciful jewels at that. Reportedly her collection sold for a staggering $115.9 million showcasing some of her finest pieces that she wore throughout her life.

Ava Gardner

Known for her tiny waist and femme fatale looks on and off the screen, Ava Gardner was an empowering fashion style icon for her generation. She wasn’t afraid to express her sexuality and often opted for beautiful casual dressing and implicitly stunning evening looks. Ava was one of the most iconic sex symbols of our time and inspired women with a classic, timeless and elegant choice of fashion still loved today.

Jimi Hendrix

Hendrix was an icon of a freethinking generation with unparalleled talent and remarkable taste. His stage presence lit up the crowd and influenced millions of people across the globe. Often wearing pieces such as silk bandanas, military jackets and flared trousers. Hendrix displayed a unique and entrancing style. His character still lives on through his music and it would be hard to forget his legendary look.

Fashion style icons – Debbie Harry

From 70s punk rock to embellished band tees, Debbie Harry has always challenged the conventionality of fashion. Also know as her stage name Blondie, this bombshell is a cherished figure in the fashion world. Her cool persona resonated with many in a changing generation and still rings true today. Her fearless festival looks, bleached blonde hair are still iconic and inspire modern trends.

Fashion style icons – Johnny Depp

Not your typical fashion style icon in terms of impeccable fashion. This modern icon has not only made waves in the film industry. His look has also offered him an iconic part of modern fashion. He often wears a hat and displays a distinctively different style to many of the same generation. He also has a love of oversized, worn in clothing that gives his fashion a slight bohemian and eccentric vibe.

Emerging fashion style icons

In modern society there are a number of flourishing celebrities creating iconic looks. Some have been inspired by their own personal fashion style icons and some are making waves with a new look in the own right. It’ll be interesting to see if there is the same class of fashion icon in years to come or whether they will still be living in the shadow of our vintage greats.


Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons


Iconic shot of Audrey Hepburn by Angus McBean

Michael Caine

Bob Dylan

Elizabeth Taylor

Ava Gardner

Jimi Hendrix

Debbie Harry

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