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Grace Kelly – Ice cool blonde and Movie Icon

January 8, 2015

Grace Kelly was the epitome of elegance and style. She carried herself with grace and dignity, and she was a princess long before she had the title for real. Kelly had grown up in a wealthy middle class family, with a well-bred cut glass accent and an immaculate sense of style, but she wasn’t a snob. That wasn’t her thing, for those who were lucky enough to meet her, she was friendly and unassuming, approachable and fun.

Grace Kelly – Ice cool blonde

Grace Kelly managed to combine effortless style and glamour while looking as if she hadn’t really tried. She was a blonde, but not dumb, she was the Hitchcock cool blonde that was far more than she appeared. In Rear Window she was the brave one who went to confront a murderer, in High Society she was the spoilt debutante who wanted the jazz player, rather than the rich and handsome heir.

Grace Kelly-Short film career

Her film career was short – she only worked from the age of 20 to 26, but made an impact far greater than the length of the 14 films she made. She made her debut in High Noon and was a favourite of Hitchcock, who loved her icy exterior hiding a more complex woman beneath.


Grace Kelly could certainly act and would go on to win an Oscar for her performance in Country Girl in 1954, and was nominated for best supporting actress in 1953 for Mogambo. She may be remembered for her style and her role as a princess, but she was never just a pretty face.

Iconic style

Grace Kelly style is iconic and replication is achievable but easy to get wrong. Her look is pure class with a touch of distance, but with a promise of something far more rewarding if you get close enough.

Grace Kelly-Hitchcock blonde

There were 3 Hitchcock films, Dial M for Murder, Rear Window and To Catch a Thief. In them, Grace Kelly’s leading ladies wore striking lips, skirt suits that were well fitted and sexy, with soft blonde waves deliciously teased into place. Her make-up was always flawless.

Want to be Grace Kelly?

If you want to emulate Grace Kelly style then you want to adopt an elegant, regal style that’s simple yet classy. Well cut straight pants or Capri, crisp well-made cotton shirts, tortoise sunglasses and well-fitting dresses that show off your curves.Well-fitting coats are good with any colour other than black, a statement coat that really stands out from the crowd. Sweaters in cashmere and wool, fitted to accentuate every curve, matched by a knee length pencil skirt and a pair of well-fitting pumps, Louboutin should do it.

Well-groomed and stylish

The hair doesn’t have to be blonde, nice if it is, but Grace Kelly’s type of sophistication can work on any hair colour. The thing to remember is that it’s always well groomed and styled. No wild tendrils of hair gone AWOL. If you’re not into the kind of sophisticated look that Kelly had then perhaps it’s not for you. Being permanently well groomed isn’t for everyone.


When Grace Kelly married Prince Rainer III she left her Hollywood life behind her, but she never gave up her sense of style. Her wedding dress was beautiful and none have really matched it since. It came with yards of silk taffeta and silk net, the bodice comprised of Brussels lace and her waist was shown off to perfection.

Hermes bag

Grace Kelly would continue to dress stylishly having a Hermes bag named after her, which may be nothing new today, but was the first of its kind in Kelly’s day as she was the first to have an accessory named after her.


Grace Kelly would always retain a certain detached glamour and sophistication despite being warm and friendly, quite the opposite of how she appeared.


If you want some of Grace Kelly’s style then you’ll need the poise, elegance, grace and sophistication she had in spades. It can be done, just believe you’re a princess.



in Rear Window

accepts Oscar for The Country Girl (1954)

on her wedding day in 1956

1956 -Actress

To Catch A Thief Blue Dress

grace kelly dial m for murder

GK Wedding dress