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Lauren Bacall – screen legend

January 12, 2015

When you think of Lauren Bacall, you immediately think of her in black and white, slouching against a door frame with a cigarette, those heavy lidded eyes looking down at you with a playful smile. With Humphrey Bogart, together they made a wonderful partnership.

Lauren Bacall

Screen siren, screen legend

Lauren Bacall was a real screen siren and one of a kind. She was tall, feisty, elegant and assertive, where her peers where submissive and weak, Bacall was strong, handsome, but always feminine. Combining a winning combination of flirty sensuality and a cool demeanor, she lit up the screen, commanding attention with her powerful silhouette.


She dressed to enhance her shape, she was tall, willowy and favoured masculine suits, but she was the first to wear jumpsuits, which are on trend now in the 21st century, and loved denim.

Lauren Bacall – Beautifully groomed

Lauren Bacall was always beautifully groomed and when she dressed up for the camera, her wardrobe consisted of beautiful evening gowns that were always on the side of minimal with few embellishments. Sometimes her dress would be finished off with a simple string of pearls, rather than a garish broach or large earrings.

Lauren Bacall also liked short jackets, big collars and clean cut shapes. Gowns had nipped in waists in tune with the times. However, a lot of what Bacall wore could easily be worn today as with most trendsetters, whether they were in the 40s or 60s, good style never goes out of fashion.

Good skin and red lips for a classic look

Lauren Bacall’s skin was flawless and her eyebrows were always beautifully shaped. Her lips would be finished off with a slick of bright red lipstick. Her relaxed and laid back manner was a great hit with men and women and all finished off with that famous deep, raspy voice, created with the help of a chain smoking habit from her youth.

Lauren Bacall glamour

If you want some Lauren Bacall style, then adapt her look to your own and add your own contemporary twist to it. Hair is simple, waved and teased into shape with a side parting. Minimal makeup, and emphasize the lips with some good quality lipstick.

Suits and jumpsuits

Suits are good for a Lauren Bacall look – a well-fitting tuxedo will always create a perfect silhouette if you’re tall. Keep the pants narrow if you’re shorter in height. A string of pearls or some pearl studs for the ears. Jumpsuits are a must and match them with a good pair of flats. Make sure your eyebrows are well groomed, get someone else to pluck them professionally if you can’t do it yourself. Don’t carve them into your forehead with thick pencil, you’re looking for a sophisticated and groomed look, you’re not entering a Groucho Marx lookalike competition.


Walk tall and keep your back straight and you’ll brim with confidence – don’t worry about the raspy voice, that’s optional and if you don’t smoke, don’t start.



Lauren Bacall-style colour

smolderingly sexy lighting Cigarette

Screen siren Screen ledgend


in thigh-split satin gown in 1944

Lauren Bacall