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1960s Vintage dresses

May 12, 2015

The 1960s started a fashion revolution as well as a sexual one, and naturally this impacted on the way women dressed, 1960s vintage dresses hemlines grew shorter and colours became brighter and bolder.


More daring fabrics and materials were used to create anything from boots, raincoats and even skirts, with PVC being particularly popular.Plastic came transparent or coloured. White was really popular, and white plastic over the knee boots were a hit with women everywhere.

1960s Vintage dress styles

The changing fashions reflected changes in society which gave women far more freedom than the previous decade had. Low heels, colourful prints and psychedelic swirling patterns decorated short skirts, hot pants, blouses and wide trousers.

Who had the best style?

Fashion icons included Jackie Kennedy, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Twiggy and Marianne Faithful. Their clothes were loose, fun, short and daring and their unique looks filtered down to the high street.


Sixties fashion still influences today’s trends and if you want to emulate the 60s, then where better to start than with 1960s vintage dresses, and by vintage, I mean really vintage, authentic and from the era they were made.

Subtle differences in style – but always a short hem

Although dresses with a wide skirt were still popular in the early 60s, 1960s Vintage dresses were becoming shorter and looser with narrower skirts. They either finished with a straight short skirt or a slightly wider A line finish.Bright colours were popular, such as acid lemon and bright fuchsia pink, sometimes with large, thick stripes and geometric half circles. There were sometimes belts on the dresses that sat on the hips and created the illusion of a separate top and skirt.

Search for authentic 1960s vintage dresses online

If you’re looking for authentic 1960s vintage dresses then look for something bright and short, something that makes a statement and then accessorize with more contemporary pieces.


It doesn’t have to be a head to toe 60s look, but make sure that the shoes, bag and any jacket or coat plays a more subtle role than the dress, especially if it’s a bright colour, or comes with bold patterns.


1960s Vintage dresses also came with peter pan collars and cuffs, three quarter length bell sleeves and pussy bow ties with a wide A line skirt. Shoes can be high or low, but preferably low…or flat.

Let the dress make the statement and let everything else take a back seat

It doesn’t matter which kind you prefer, what you will notice with 1960s vintage dresses is that they have such character and personality that they make their mark as a standalone outfit on their own, without any need for further embellishments, bold jewellery or statement bags. Wear them alone with a few subtle jewellery pieces, kitten heels or a pair of sandals and a clutch, and wear to dinner, a walk on the beach. The vintage 1960s is loose and allows you room to manoeuvre, while complimenting your legs if they’re your best asset. Make sure bold colours match your hair and skin tone.

Wear a 60s dress any way you like

Yes, they looked really happy then, didn’t they?

White plastic boots – even Yoko Ono had a pair

Twiggy – the Kate Moss of the 60s

The changing styles of 60s fashion

1960s dresses-Patterns, pockets and bows