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Indie Clothing Inspiration

August 23, 2016

The term ‘indie’ stands for independent and started life in the music industry. It is widely used in different sectors but has mostly flourished in the music and fashion business. Believe it or not, it is not a type of music but the term for the record label a band or singer is signed to. But as time has passed this word has defined a range of movements from style to music choice. Indie clothing on the other hand isn’t quite so cut and dry in terms of definition. Its independent definition does however perfectly describe why people love these looks so much. It doesn’t fit a particular style yet hosts a range of eclectic tastes, ideal for people looking to mix up their wardrobe.


Vintage fashion is the perfect example of unique clothing. Boutiques are home to plenty of individual styles that can be transformed to create this indie look. The look of quirky vintage or funky retro paired with modification is another way to define indie clothing. It’s feeling of uniqueness and on trend style gives the wearer a sense of independence and freedom in their fashion choices rather than conforming to trends.


If you love choosing looks that are a break from the norm and mix up vintage pieces with modern independent brands. Take a look at our top tips on choosing the perfect indie clothing.

Focus on independence with indie clothing

As the main feature of indie style is showing your personality, choose clothing that is a break from the mainstream. Vintage fashion is perfect for creating your own personal style and fits into the independent vibe. If current trends aren’t your thing, mix up modern basics with some retro tees or accessories to give your style a shake up. Remember indie clothing is all about your independence so whatever you feel like wearing; you’ve basically nailed the style.

Reviving Indie Clothing classics

Appreciating fashion from previous decades or timeless style is another indie clothing trait. Retro and vintage clothing is ideal to fit with this appreciation giving you plenty of choices in unique pieces and iconic looks. Whether it’s an old band tee or your favourite pair of Doc Martens, you’ll love sharing your love of indie clothing.

Accessorize your look

Adding accessories to a look is a great way to update your wardrobe. Vintage pin badges or iconic slogan bags give you the unique edge. These ideal embellishments also add that little bit of personality to your look with motifs and slogans to match your style.

Upcycle some vintage classics

Nothing is better than creating the perfect indie fashion look with some upcycled vintage pieces. It can be as easy as popping a patch on your favourite denim or tie dying your tee. Vintage is great for reworking and offers you a unique and one of a kind piece paired with your own design and personality. Upcycling creates the ultimate independent look.


To finish off your indie style, why not opt some funky headphones to complement your look. You’re probably thinking this is totally stereotypical but what’s not to love about listening to your favourite tunes whilst sporting your unique indie clothing and style.


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