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Menswear Fall – Winter trends 2015

July 26, 2015

Yes, I know we’re in the throes of summer right now, and nobody wants to think about Menswear Fall-Winter trends

After all who wants to be reminded of cold weather and thick layers of clothes? Well, me and perhaps for that matter you too, because after all forewarned is forearmed.

Menswear Fall-Winter trends 2015

So if you want to get ahead with what fashion has in store for you this autumn then read on.

The colours, the clothes, the shapes

Let’s hope you like grey, because there’s a lot of it around this autumn, in every imaginable shade, in every shape and form. Think traditional coats and scarves and add tracksuit bottoms and more tailored clothing as well as outerwear.

Menswear Fall-Winter trends oversized Coats

Coats – yes naturally you’ll be wearing them once the colder weather sets in, but think slouchy and oversized with soft shoulders, be they double or single breasted.

Menswear Fall-Winter trends

Layered knits

Layered knits will be big, preferably with a polo neck underneath a thick sweater. I know, you’re thinking that’s something your grandfather would have worn, but trust me, it’s a look that was seen on the catwalk, so don’t be surprised to see it out and about this autumn.

Square patterns

Square patterns – yes patterns are big this autumn and yes there’ll be other patterns too, there were flowers and butterflies on the catwalk, but squares won it overall. And this autumn, they’re big, in primary colours as well as in more neutral shades, worn on jumpers, jackets or on jeans.


Pockets – pockets will be so big you won’t need a man bag for your iPad mini. They’re super big this autumn with contrasting colours and fabrics on coats and jackets.

The colour green

Green – yes as well as grey you’ll have every shade of green you can think of. Military green, forest green and a nice crisp minty green.

Menswear Fall-Winter trends – Shearling

Shearling – yes shearling is good for the lining of your coats and jackets this winter, so what’s new, doesn’t everyone have one of those? Watch out for shearling making an appearance inside trainers, bags and jumpers even. There’ll be natural as well as dyed colours.

Great news for vintage fans

Baggy trousers – now for vintage lovers you’re going to love this, baggy trousers more reminiscent of the zoot suit from the 40s, worn with a loose jacket with padded shoulders and high waisted pants, think Private Walker (Dad’s Army) in his civvies, with a 21st century twist – and keep in mind this iconic series returns later this year or early next. There’ll also be flared pants which are reminiscent of the 70s, yes the 70s is clinging on to autumn and winter.

Menswear Fall-Winter trends

Siren suit

Siren suit – don’t know what this is? Well it’s a onesie. Yes you heard me, but think high end designer with smart shoes, shirts and even ties worn under a tailored jacket. Yes, the siren suit was worn during the Second World War and made from recycled fabrics, and there’s even pictures of Winston Churchill wearing one, in fact it’ll be his 50th anniversary this autumn. Start routing through your grandad’s wardrobe now, or get yourself down a vintage store…perhaps even ours, and find yourself a siren suit you can adapt for modern times if you can’t afford the high end high street version.


So there you have it, something to think about in your prep for Mens Fall-Winter styles for 2015, a bit of new, a bit of recycled and a little bit of vintage. Yes, fashions like that, but we love it don’t we?